Greetings dear Unravelers and Happy Wednesday to you all!

It has been a study in slow making in my house since last week… very slow. I have not knit a single stitch on my cabled sweater… I know, I know! I have been stitching… which is so delightful but it is certainly not taking up all my daily making time. I have been knitting that second sock in fits and starts. Not much TV knitting this week… I have been having a horrendous bout of insomnia so sitting to watch TV is putting me right to sleep! I am down to one cup of coffee in the morning… no second cup in the afternoon when Steve get’s home. I make myself a cup of tea instead… I am hoping the return of sleep happens soon. Insomnia is the absolute worst!

Page one… Done!

Most of my time has been spent going through my yarn stash… trying to sort it out. If I ever contemplate buying another skein of sock yarn, I hope one of you quickly reminds me that if I knit socks every day from now until I live to be 100, I will still have plenty of sock yarn yet to be knit! No more sock yarn!

I also have a large assortment of “lace weight” yarns that I bought… eons ago. In some prior lifetime when I must have thought myself a “lace shawl” knitter. Not so much these days… I am contemplating what to do with all of that.

The remainder of my “yarn stash” is very manageable. Bits and odds and ends of previous projects. I have bagged them, clearly labeled for what projects I think they might work for (i.e. color work, hats, mittens) I am feeling accomplished at this small task. I still have some sewing things to go through, which I know won’t be as rewarding… but once it is done, I will feel better about having a more organized stash!

I have had a slow reading week as well. I have been carefully listening to a most fascinating story, The Fox Wife by Yangtze Choo. It is part mystery, part folktale, and entirely engaging! But it is a slow listen for me, as I try to take in all that is happening! (This book will be published February 13th) At night, I am reading another ARC, Family Family by Laurie Frankl. It took me a bit to settle in with it, but once I did… the story takes off running! My only finish this week is barely worthy of recognition…. Cacophony of Bone. (Pro tip… the title is the best part of the book.)

That is my nearing the end of January update… what about you? What do you want to finish this month?

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