Self-care is not a waste of time. Self-care makes your use of time more sustainable. — Jackie Viramontez

I approached the concept of time a bit differently this month. I am not very good at the idea of “self-care” (as I think many women are…sigh.)

Every day this month, I have tried to spend at least fifteen minutes each day for myself. (The 15-minute block of time was the easiest thanks to my 100-day project.) But I wanted to do more than 15 minutes of stitching for myself.

Thanks to a scheduling issue, my “annual” physical was pushed back from January to the first of February which I thought was a great way to start the month with a self-care focus! This was just my second visit with my doctor… the first time was last January and I did not have a “good vibe” with him. I am happy to report that this visit was not that! He asked if I had any concerns… so I talked about my bouts with insomnia, the ever-present tinnitus, and my decreasing/diminishing hearing. He listened and helped me “make some plans” which I have been implementing all month long.

First up, he helped me realize that sleep should not be fleeting and insomnia does not need to be a.thing. “Make the bedroom a sanctuary,” was his suggestion and I worked on that! I started by getting some new sheets for the bed.  I also stopped reading in bed after “lights out,” which has had a dramatic impact on sleep. And he gave me some different ideas on how to deal with the tinnitus at night. Yes, I still had a few nights of insomnia… but I got out of bed, got a glass of water, and then sat up and read for a bit. Surprise, surprise… I soon found myself feeling tired enough to put the book down and go back to bed. He also suggested melatonin for the nights that I am really struggling but I have not had to take any… yet.

The second phase of my doctor visit begins this morning with my appointment with an ENT doctor. Goals for this appointment…discuss the tinnitus and the hearing loss. I will have a hearing test as well, and yes, I am a bit nervous. But I think no matter what the outcome of this appointment, by addressing these issues will result in a better quality of life!

I also had bloodwork done and it was fantastic! The Lipitor® is working fantastically! And my other numbers were not bad at all. Thank goodness for science because atorvastatin is one amazing little pill!

I got the RSV vaccine as well, and although I ran a low-grade fever for a couple of days after getting the “jab” I have another level of protection as I go about life!

I made an appointment for an eye exam… sadly, the actual appointment is not until next month. But living life with “readers” for “every vision” in every space has passed the frustrating mark… New glasses, yes please!

I still *need* to make an appointment to get my hair cut as well. This has been on my list all month and I have just been ignoring it. (In case you think I somehow achieved a perfect score in self care…) I don’t know why I am avoiding this perhaps a bit of not knowing what I want…But February is not yet over… there are a few days left this month to make that call!

Making yourself a priority is like sprinkling golden dust of richest blessings on your life. — Hiral Nagda

I also have been delighting in an extra poem (or two) with my morning meditation time. Nothing… and I mean absolutely nothing is better to begin a day than stopping and reading a poem. It changes the inside of me… in such a good way!

I also spent more time stitching… gosh, who knew that a needle, some thread, and a piece of linen could be a thing that saved my life this month! When my knitting just fell flat, I had stitching… when I needed a brief respite, I had stitching… when I had an idea to try “x”, I had stitching. And even if the idea did not work… often I found a different way to try something. (So yes, I am loving my daily stitching project. One small “stone” each day this month found its way into my heart and I have loved what I have learned!) I always knew making, in some form, was a good thing I did for myself and right now stitching is leading the way!

But perhaps the best thing I learned this month is that taking care of myself is the “golden dust of richest blessings…” Yes, yes!

And that is my month of “self care” perhaps I have set my feet on the path of being better about prioritizing myself.

A huge thanks to Carolyn for providing us all a landing space to talk about our words and how we interacted with them this month!

See you all back here on Wednesday!

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