It feels like we might be through the bulk of our “false spring starts” and might be leaning into actual spring! And although we do have some chillier overnight temps in the forecast for next week, most days are in the 50’s (and warmer!)

I am really ready for this change of season. Here is a peek into the things that are filling my days and my thoughts!

Baking (still) —

I have found a very good sourdough rhythm and I am baking a loaf roughly every 10 days or so. I have found the “sweet spot” of dough hydration. (82% for a “white loaf” and a bit higher for a loaf that has a higher percentage of whole wheat flour) I have also figured out fermentation times… for the temperature my house is currently. All that will change with the changing seasons and warming weather! I have a “baking journal” in which I record every aspect of each bake, so I am hopeful that the warming weather won’t be too much of a hurdle!

Reading (less) —

Inadvertently, I found myself reading less in February… thanks to that visit with my doctor and a frank discussion about my insomnia. Who knew that reading on an iPad would have such a significant impact on my sleep… certainly not me! So I ended February with only 6 books completed… but I had a significant improvement in sleep and a noticeable improvement in the quality of my reading. I remember more about the books I read… and I really liked the buffer of time between books that I gave myself last month. Even though the goal was to sleep better… having the unexpected result of reading better was an added bonus!

Adjusting —

I don’t really remember the moment that it suddenly occurred to me that Sherman is getting old (he is 11) but since last fall he has struggled with ongoing and almost continual ear issues. Ear infections, inner ear problems, loss of balance, and complete hearing loss… makes for a depressed pup. I have been working on hand signals with him, but it is as slow-going as he is! He has become the “barometer” for weather changes as his stiff joints are stiffer when the weather changes. Our walks are slower because he needs a slower pace so he does not trip and fall. He is happiest when we are close… and so of course he remains the best “sit and knit” companion on the planet!

Re-adjusting —

In January, I tried something “new” with my calendar/word journals… and it has been an epic failure. (Apparently teaching this “old dog” something new is as challenging as it is for Sherman!) Anyways… Yesterday, I removed the word journals from my calendar notebook and put them back in their “word notebook” and it felt so right! I got February all caught up and started March. I need to remind myself that sometimes the way I do things is the “best way” and I don’t need to fiddle with it! (Not always, but sometimes!)

And there you have it… a peek into what I am focused on right now! See you all back here on Wednesday!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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