Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use. — Earl Nightingale

One part of my Year of Time was to contemplate blocks of time and I felt like a 100 Day Project was a good thing for contemplation. So way back on January 19th I began a journey. For 100 days, I committed to stitching 15 minutes a day on a 7×5½” piece of fabric… 20-7×5½” pieces of fabric – to be exact.

I was leery of the time constraint … 15 minutes seemed like not enough. I had no idea what I would do. How it would go. But what did I have to lose… 15 minutes a day? Some scraps of fabric? A small investment for a time study.

And so I pulled out a few handfuls of fabric scraps… left over bits… unusable bits. Or so I thought. I am ever so grateful that past me did not just toss these bits!

And over the last 100 days I have discovered that 15 minutes can hold joy. It can help you focus! It can help you discover new ideas… in places you never imagined! Time helped me release every preconceived notion of what I thought… and showed me what could happen when you intentionally let those 15 minutes be all. And those 15 minutes each day… well they were so full! And in those 15 minutes I found an authenticity that I did not know I had… a creativity… a delight in not knowing what was next.

It has been the best use of 15 minutes ever… on any day!

I have “done” 100 day projects before but not one of those had the impact that this project has had for me. If you asked me before January 19th what 15 minutes could hold… I would have said not much. Now today… I can tell you that 15 minutes can be everything!

I don’t love every page… but I learned from them. I stopped “trying” and began just doing… and in that doing I found that those 15 minutes of time was perfect… the most creative minutes of the day. I spent just 15 minutes doing the actual stitching, but as I discovered that creative spark… I spent more time letting ideas simmer. And the ideas just kept coming… it was just so amazing!!

But on April 27 when I put the last stitches on that final page… my heart ached and I shed a few tears. I was not ready to “be done” at all. 100 days and I really felt like I was just beginning! I did not want to lose all that I had discovered. I really did not want to lose my creative momentum… and what stepped into the stitching space was a surprising delight!

On vacation I opened a small art journal I picked up and continued the 15 minute habit with pencil, pen, and sometimes water color paints. Who knew that I would ever consider 15 minutes to be the best minutes of any day… but friends, they are the most magical minutes of all!

How it started… the view from the kitchen window in our Airbnb.

And the apple tree blooming in the back yard.

And the start of one of our favorite paths at Presque Isle. (Excellent for bird watching!)

I am simply loving time this year… it was a brilliant word and I had no idea where it would take me!

I am late to join Carolyn’s link up… but sometimes vacation should just be vacation! (And vacation time… well, it is best if it is uninterrupted!)

See you all back here tomorrow with some Unraveling!


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