Hello Everyone. Whew, it is only Tuesday? How is it that after a vacation it seems like the days drag by? Well, it feels like it should be at least Thursday!! Re-entry has it’s challenges!

I brought my yarns from my Secret Pal to my LYS – Lizzie Ann’s at lunch today. There were “oooh’s” and “aaahhhh’s” from all. My Secret Pal may not know this – but she made my re-entry week a thousand times better than it could have been by her amazing package. I am going to nominate her for Secret Pal of Secret Pal 8! She is awesome!

Hope this Tuesday was kind to all of you!

Secret Pal Surprises!!

Good Morning Everyone! We were going to head back from our cottage last night, but we had some bad storms roll through. A nice line of them in our path home. So we headed out first thing this morning! And, at the door waiting for me when I arrived was a little box from my pal! It was PACKED full of wonderful things. I was so surprised to see such lovely things! I will post photos when my husband brings his camera home from work. Until then, I will give you all a description of the treasures I received!

First off – Thank you Secret Pal! You are the best!!!! I opened the box and began to pull out my gifts – first some awesome note cards with a lovely gal sporting a great green knitted cardigan! Next, a box of tea – and Aveda tea at that! Looks delicious! Next, a bag filled with GORGEOUS stitch markers – made from fresh water pearls! They are so beautiful! Next, (and by now I am thinking, WOW, what a pal!) I opened a red tissue wrapped bundle that held not one, but TWO balls of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed, colorway Twig. It is so lovely! It feels so WONDERFUL! Next, I opened another red tissue wrapped bundle and inside I found a ball of Kaalund Silk. Oh my gosh, it feels so soft. 450 feet of softness, looks like I am going to be working on some lovely lace! The colorway is Brushfire – reds, purples, golds – wow. It has a great sheen also! Finally, in the last wrapped package, some Zitron incanto yarn – in a blue, green colorway. It is beautiful. A HUGE thank you to my secret pal – she is amazing. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Hope you all have as great a pal as mine is. 🙂

PS to my pal – a written thank you is on it’s way to you. 🙂

Vacation's Over

Hello everyone – well all good things must come to an end, and so it goes for vacation. Today I take my kiddo’s to Ludington to drop them off to their dad. They are sleeping right now, as teenagers are wont to do! I am making breakfast one last time this morning, bacon cooking will wake them up – don’t you think?

I found something fun at YarnYenta’s sight – the world’s longest poem. You all need to go and check it out – It is a choka poem, older than haiku. It is easy, two lines that do not rhyme. First line is 7 syllables and the second line is 5.

My couplet is this:
Knitting in the quiet dawn
Clicking needles talk

Okay – I am off to make breakfast for the kids! Have a great weekend everyone.

4 th of July Meltdown

Hello Everyone – I sure hope all the fireworks are over, poor Copper cannot take another night of loud noise. He has been living under the blankets of our bed since last Saturday. I have tried everything – music, radio, television – but none of it helps, he can still hear those dratted fireworks.

I woke up this morning to 48 degree weather, thoughts of ‘summer’s over’ have been circling my head ever since. I promise I shall boot those thoughts out, but as I am sitting here in my polar tec robe and my wool felted slippers, savoring HOT coffee – it is a little challenging to say the least.

Here is something exciting I found – not that I want SP8 to be over, I am having fun with being a spoilee and a spoiler, check out this link I for one, will be signing up again. Thanks to Polly, for sharing that link on her site.

Hope you are all having a fabulous short week – I am working on my socks and have a pair of slippers to felt for Jenna at the lake – she is a 4 year old cutie who lives a couple of doors down from our cottage. My poor husband is back at work, but it is kind of nice to be hanging out with my kids – plus they don’t say “all you ever do is knit”! While it may be chilly, the sun is out and my agenda for the day is sunshine and knitting!

Catch you all later!

Happy Birthday America

Hello everyone! Today America is 230 years old! Wow – that is amazing! The day looks like it will be beautiful here – it is sunny and the birds are singing!

This vacation week is flying by – we took a boat ride yesterday and I sat in the sun and knit! I ask you – does life get better than that?

We met friends for burgers last night – mmmmmmm, they were good – as was Linda, Ramona, and Ed’s company!

Well, I need another cup of coffee – have a safe 4th everyone!!

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