Hello, July!

Hello, July!

Our topic for this week’s Think Write Thursday is to write a post titled “Hello, July”.

For him in vain the envious seasons roll who bears eternal summer in his soul. – Oliver Wendell Holmes, The Old Player

July is the month that I’d like to bottle to open in the middle of January. Imagine it – all those smells of summer, and the sounds of the birds, and all the growing things. July should be preserved with the berries for she is sweet and heady!

And, here we are past the Fourth of July and I’d like to put the brakes on summer. You know, slow it way down and savor every finite detail. It just goes so quickly.

This month will see me complete not one, but two sweaters and perhaps will ring in a bingo or two.

Then there’s that Summer Bucket List that I need to start refocusing on – especially the walking, which has been sporadic at best!

And, maybe – just maybe, if I am lucky July won’t speed by after all!

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When I Grow Up

When I Grow Up

This week’s Think Write Thursday topic is to write about what you wanted to be when you grew up. How does it compare to what you find yourself doing?

When I was a little girl all I ever wanted was to be exactly like my Nana. And, perhaps my favorite story about her was this: When my Grandpa was 40 years old he was diagnosed with MS and soon after that diagnosis was unable to work. And, my Nana who had been a “stay home mom” with a 5th grade education, went to Beauty School and became a beautician (they did not call them hairdressers way back then). So, for my entire life, my Nana had a “beauty shop” in her house.

When I was in high school I followed in her footsteps and attended Cosmetology School. I wish I could say that it was fun, but really – not so much. The terror I felt every time I even thought about taking a scissors and cutting someone’s hair was something I could not get over. The thought process of “you will learn as you go when you get into a salon” did nothing to alleviate those fears. Add to that, that doing my own hair was never “easy” and I always felt like I had 2 left hands trying to do anything with it! I never took the boards to get my license.

I have worked as a waitress, a travel agent, an escrow agent, a mortgage loan officer, a regional consumer loan specialist, a recruiter/trainer, and for the past several years I have had the luxury of working from home.

And really, my Nana was right, working from home is an amazing luxury! What’s not to love about working in your pjs and not having to hassle with rush hour traffic!!

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Joyful June

Joyful June

Sometimes things happen that initially seem like a very bad thing, but after digesting it for a bit – you realize that rather than being very bad, it is so very good! Such is the case for me this month – I started the month with a job, and the month is ending without that job. It has been a good lesson in finding joy in adversity, and not only is there joy – but the joy overflows!

This free time has been quickly gobbled up by other things, funny how that happens – and those things (mostly reading and knitting) have brought much joy! On the reading front this month, I will have finished 9 books! When I look at my Summer Book Bingo sheet, I am filled with joy!

On the knitting front, I am hopeful that I will have a sweater completion before Friday – stay tuned…

My flower gardens brought me an abundance of joy as well… and an abundance of bees! I love watching the bees dance with the Foxglove, the Lavender, the Lambs Ear, and the Salvia!

And I am anticipating an abundance of blooms on my Butterfly Bush, so the bee watching will continue! And, there were some garden surprises too! My Easter Lily that had been eaten and did not grow tall at all brought forth 4 huge blooms!

The birds have been harbingers of joy as well – from the nesting Cardinal family in the bush next to the house, or the House Sparrow family in the bird house by the porch, to the determined Brown Wren who still has not found a mate, but has not given up the search! When the going gets tough, sing loudly! And, really – this might be the best advice ever!

There is just a small slice of the joy that filled my June! What brought you joy this month?

Playing Favorites

Playing Favorites

This week, the topic for Think Write Thursday is to write about your three favorite things to wear.

Well, hmmm. I am guessing PJ’s can’t be on the list? Or can they? But, truthfully – the topic caused me to think much about what I wear and why and do I really like it.

This even produced Tuesday’s post about trying to alter some clothes I had made that no longer fit. Yep, you guessed it – those things are all in that favorite category. However, you sewists out there shared your sage wisdom of the perils of that pathway and my alteration bubble has been deflated.

So, yes – lots of thought has been swirling around what I wear this week.

My favorites have less to do with what I like and more to do with what fits right now. I have several “swing dresses” from Old Navy (yes, super inexpensive but they are my work horses on this diet journey). Why? They fit the longest. And, that has become super important!

Then we move on the the utility category: I wear my iWatch every.single.day. It is a really awesome diet companion – it reminds me to get up and move if I have been sitting too long!

My final “current” favorite are my Nike Free Rn Flyknit shoes. Best.Purchase.Ever. Really. These things make me feel like I am walking on clouds! In my bare feet!

There you have it, a few of my favorite things to wear right now!

If you want to see what others had to say about their favorite things to wear, you will find them here. And, if you want to join with Carole and me on Think Write Thursday’s, you can sign up here! We’d love to have you join us!

Refocusing Intentions

Refocusing Intentions

This week’s Think Write Thursday topic is to “consider what it means to be at the halfway point of the year. Did you state some intentions for 2017? If so, check in on them and give us an update. If you didn’t state any intentions then maybe you could tell us what you think so far about 2017 or perhaps you’d like to set some intentions for the second half of the year. Whatever you decide, however you approach this topic, regale us with your words!”

I am sure of nothing so little as my own intentions. – Lord Byron.

Who besides me feels this great internal debate of time? You know, that great conundrum of “how is it only June?” and “how can it be June?” – yes, these two phrases seem to tell the tale of 2017 – the year that is both creeping slowly and racing rapidly by simultaneously!

I wrote down a few things to “focus on” this year and even foolishly declared it the year of the sweater (can you hear me laughing here?) I assure you that this is not the year of the sweater. In fact, this might not even be the year of knitting! To date, I have only finished seven projects and not one of them is a sweater!

My stitching is perhaps the most faithful thing I do (and though I have had a day or two here and there where I have missed, I have caught up easily).

I set my reading goal at 60 books and I have only completed 22, which puts me 5 books behind schedule. I am hoping that I can catch this up this summer – and perhaps even get ahead a bit!

I wanted to organize my photos and while I have done a fantastic job this year of organizing by month – I have not worked on previous months at all.

There were some other things that I journaled about as “wishes” that may find themselves moving to a reality.

And, there are some things (hello, LipSense) that I had no idea about at all but could not be happier with today!

This mid-year refocus is bringing some changes… and if you know me, then you know that I think that is not a bad thing at all!

If you want to see how this year is unfolding for others, you will find them here. If you want to “regale Carole and I with your words”, you can sign up here!

Summer Bucket List – 2017

Summer Bucket List – 2017

This week’s Think Write Thursday is to share my Summer Bucket List.

Summertime is always the best of what might be. – Charles Bowden

Summer… that wonderful time of long sunny days! As a child, I loved summer, although I started to miss school right after the 4th of July – you know that feeling, boredom was settling in. Too much of the same thing is never a good thing. But, some things are good to be repeated so my list has some favorite repeats.

  • Book Bingo: Get a cover all and maybe a book or two more in!
  • Finish knitting projects. I mean really, if I died what would my kids do with half completed knitting projects??
  • Organize my fiber stash and determine if I have enough to plan a combo spin for a sweater.
  • Walk – every day. Rain or shine. I have been incredibly lax on this and I am only walking when Steve wants to walk. (while you read this, I will be walking!)
  • Return my focus to my diet as I have been insanely lax over the past few weeks.
  • Can it really be summer without a trip to Mt. Washington to capture a sunrise?
  • Try and convince Steve that a trip all the “Ville’s” and “Vale’s” is just the thing we need to do! Please note, I am not holding my breath on this one – chance of success, slim to none! LOL i.e. Millvale, Swissvale, Lawrenceville, etc.
  • A trip to Lake Erie (never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought THAT would be a great idea, but it is closer than Lake Michigan!!)
  • Go visit my kids!!

Finally, to finish up with my opening photo… Happy Hour on the Porch as often as possible!! Shake, sip, repeat!

What’s on your Summer Bucket List?

If you would like to see what everyone else has on their Bucket List, you will find them here. If you would like to join Carole and me on Think Write Thursday’s you can sign up here.

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