Hello, June

Hello, June

This week’s Think Write Thursday prompt is to write a post called Hello June:

Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June. – Al Bernstein

After a truly incredible spring it seems most fitting that I welcome June and hope that in doing so, I might be able to make time stand still for a moment or two. Perhaps it will feel that way with her ever lengthening days and I can squeeze out a bit more from this incredible month!

Dear June, since you start with Dare Day, I will take up that challenge and dare you to stay twice as long as you usually do!

And, who can forgo National Donut Day! Perhaps I can convince Steve that we cannot live without Peace Love and Little Donuts Maple Bacon version…

I think that National Gardening Exercise Day should last all month.

There is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day! This is a MUST DO DAY!

Then comes National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day! (See why it’s a good thing there is an exercise day?)

There is Flag Day (the perfect day to get your red on!)

I love that Father’s Day is shared with Go Fishing Day and International Picnic Day, but ironically not Golf Day which is April 26th, lol!

Who knew there is a National Selfie Day! Although it might be easy to smile brightly since it shares a day with Summer Solstice!

Then comes National Éclair Day.

Oh, and don’t forget Take Your Dog to Work Day! (Although, Sherman is lucky because he is at work with me every day!)

Swim a Lap Day? (Heck yes, maybe more than one after donuts, chocolate ice cream, pie, and eclairs!!)Content goes here

Aside from all that, June is really a fantastic month so I am going to slow down and savor it!

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May Joy

May Joy

Planning and planting brought much joy this month, as did seeing the fruits of past years labors.

And, now joyful anticipation has settled in.


What’s in the bag?

What’s in the bag?

This week’s Think Write Thursday topic is to write about the content of your purse. Are you a minimalist? Or do you carry around a knapsack? And say, what’s in there, anyway? Tell us what you’ve got in your purse and why!

A purse defines your life, doesn’t it? I have carried bags of all sizes and, it seems that the older I get the smaller my purse becomes! Am I working to the “Purse Free Age”? Perhaps, but not quite yet! I would say I am not quite a minimalist, but I don’t carry a knapsack either!

I prefer a “cross-body” bag… that is, I don’t like to have my purse dangling from my shoulder. I like to have it over my head and across my body – hands free, as it were. I really love the fabric on this Vera bag and it saddens me that it is “retired” or I would get a replacement bag.

Now, what’s inside?

I use a Midori Traveler’s Notebook (Passport size) for my wallet. I like the inserts they have available and the choices in notebooks which gives me a place to put cards, ID, coins and money. Plus I have a journal to write if I need to. (Goulet Pens has a special with the Passport Traveler right now!) I switched over to using it as my wallet about a year ago, and I am so happy with this change. I also have a little fountain pen with me as well. I like to write with a fountain pen and this Kaweco Aluminum pen is perfect.

I used to carry easily a half a dozen of different chapsticks, lip balms, and glosses. Now, I just carry one glossy gloss – downsizing has been great!

I have some business cards, and I am now carrying the latest LipSense catalog with me.

I also have a key ring with all those area discount cards on them.

One last thing… the area restaurant discount card that I got a couple of weeks ago from the Boy Scouts.

Oh! And, sometimes I even have a knitting project in my bag, generally a sock which is portable and easy to knit on the go!

There you have it… my bag and its contents!

What’s in your bag that you can’t live without?

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Letters to Myself

Letters to Myself

This week’s topic for Think Write Thursday is: what piece of advice would you give to the five-year-old you? Sixteen-year-old you? Twenty-one-year-old you? Right now?

This topic was my idea and as I began to write this post, I was amazed by the range of emotions I had. I expected this to be an easy post to write, but it turns out this is more challenging than I thought. So, here is the advice (and encouragement) I have written to myself:

Me at age 5 (really, my fifth birthday)

Dear Five-Year-Old Me,

You have the best imagination! It’s really okay to pretend, no matter what anyone says to you. Sometimes life is scary, and it is perfectly okay to pretend it is not! And, sometimes the best thing ever is going to work with your grandpa and learning how to hammer nails into scraps of lumber. These times will be some of your best memories.

Okay, not quite sixteen – I counted the candles and I think this was 15…

Dear Sixteen-Year-Old Me,

It’s totally okay to feel awkward at times – unsure of whether you want to be on your own and making your own decisions or wishing someone would just tell you what to do! It is also okay to try ideas on and see how they feel and then change your mind! But, the reading… don’t ever stop reading!

Dear Twenty-one-year-old Me,

Bravo to you for getting through this year. It was not easy. And learning that being “grown up” and making “grown up decisions” are not the same thing. However, even though right now it does not feel like you made the right decision – I promise you that you did. What you learned is that you can trust yourself to make the right decision even if it hurts. And, what you hoped for did come true – sometimes good things do come to those who wait!

Me… yesterday.

Dear Kat,

It is far too easy to be critical of oneself, and incredibly difficult to love oneself exactly as you are. Today, I would like to remind you of things past and show you how much of the younger you still is a part of you now. You have learned how to direct your imagination into creative pursuits. You are comfortable with being awkward now and you no longer wish to be told what to do. And, your love of reading is still a vital part of you. You know that sometimes the best decisions are also the hardest to make and that while those decisions can be unbelievably painful – you know that you can survive – and more importantly, thrive! So, dear Kat – I would like you to spend more time loving yourself and less time being so critical. You really are worth it.

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In a Perfect World

In a Perfect World

This week’s Think Write Thursday topic is to write a post describing your perfect day.

Last week, Carole and I received a couple of texts from Kym with some absolutely awesome ideas for Think Write Thursday. This is the first one, and I confess, it was not my first choice.

Perfect is just so impossible, you know?

I thought about this long and hard and no matter how I thought about it, Salvador Dali’s words of wisdom kept ringing in my head, “Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”

If that doesn’t smack a body down, I don’t know what does.

So, how do I wrangle this around to work in my very imperfect world.

By accident, I stumbled across this: Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection. Whoever Kim Collins is, these words are just what I need. And, in fact this is my focus for everything in life – to continuously improve. It is the ruler to which I measure my days – was there improvement from the day before? And, honestly – some days there is none. No steps ahead, but LOTS of steps back.

But, all that makes for a very disappointing and uninspiring blog post to share, right? So, how do I inspire myself and in doing so, hopefully inspire you? While, my life is not perfect – each day I am working on improvement. And, if I achieve improvement I end the day better than I started and if I did not improve, what did I learn?

So, for me, the ‘perfect’ day is one with a balance of improvement and learning. And, if there is both, then it is the best possible day ever!

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May The Forth…

May The Forth…

This week’s Think Write Thursday topic is to write a post about Star Wars. Do you love Star Wars? Hate Star Wars? Have you seen them all or none? What are your Star Wars stories?

A long time ago, in a place far, far away lived a girl. The year was 1977 and a movie came to the Holland Theatre and though the lines were long, she waited patiently. So patiently.

And, the lights went dim, and the movie started. And, from this very opening sequence, she was enthralled.

It was quite simply love with everything. Obi Wan, Young Luke, Han Solo, Yoda, and Princess Leia.

Fast forward a good number of years, just before the Episode 1 of the prequel was released. They showed Episode 4 in the Holland Theatre and I took my kids to see it in the same place I had more than 20 years before. The thrill I felt was still there but it was somehow even better at seeing the joy on my kids faces, especially Sam jumping up on the seat to fight with Obi Wan against Vader.

Each episode has been much loved by me, but my favorite will always be the first.

And, yes Yoda – may the force be with me always.

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