Fiber Friday

Fiber Friday

Happy Friday! I would say that it took long enough getting here, but it was a short week. However, I have felt confused on what day it is all week long! Tuesday felt like Monday, etc. But, today is Friday and that means I am joining Rachel for Fiber Friday.

I have been faithful to spinning on my Jenkins Turkish Spindle when I am outside with Sherman. I am happy to report that I am more than half way through the bump! The fiber is Cormo from Sheepspot Breed Club in the December in Ontario colorway. This was a good choice for me to drop spindle as it is so easy to spin! My spindling has improved as well!


I have not been spinning much this week on my Matchless, as I have been trying to get some knitting projects done instead, however I have so little of the Shetland to finish I will just sit down and get it done this weekend! (Perhaps while watching Shetland that I just picked up from the library!) We have rain in the forecast for the weekend so that might just work perfectly!

On a quick side note, my garden is going mad! There are peppers growing on the pepper plants, we have one tomatillo started, and (while there is not a picture) the potatoes are growing! My roses are crazy with blooms and buds right now too, as are my raspberries! It is a very happy time in the garden!

garden colage

As usual, I have a few links for you today…

Have a fantastic weekend, see you all back here on Monday!

P.S. Thanks for sharing all the books you did not like, I now have an awesome list to choose from!

Fiber Friday

Fiber Friday

We have had several foggy mornings here this week, above was the view from yesterday. This morning it is clear and SUNNY and I am so happy it is Friday!!

I am linking up with Rachel today for her Fibre Friday! The sock knitting continues, as does the drop spindling. I work on one at night when I watch a bit of television and the other when Sherman goes outside.

I hope to have the sock finished by Monday, and I only have 4 more bits of fiber to finish spinning, and at the rate I am going, completion by the end of the month is very feasible, especially since the weatherman says that there is more rain in the forecast, although there is supposed to be some sun on Sunday!

My poor garden is so waterlogged and the grass is growing so rapidly that we Steve is mowing twice a week. I have some flowers to get planted and my poppies are filled with buds this year! We picked up a Tri-color Beech that we will get planted in a new bed that we Steve has dug up. I will move some things around into there to fill in the space. It is a slow process to get gardens in order!

PicMonkey CollageI do have some fun links for you this week:

It is never too soon to start the prep work if you are planning to Tour de Fleece!

Ysolda brings us Bruntsfield and it is just lovely!

Staying with the “Y” for just one more – Ysabel

Headlands is another divine Design by Romi

Oh Hei!

Like a mystery?

Bristol Ivy shows us how to miter a sweater in two offerings: Waits and Newsome

Short-row chic (oh and it’s free!)

Kate Davies has something new The Book of Haps!

Knitting One Sock in the MDK Sock-Along? How about 2 half socks?

Or maybe you are more adventurous – how about toe up with cables?

12 Days of Christmas Mitten Garland KAL is a thing, and FREE! (There are a mere 218 days until Christmas, in case you were wondering!) Or, if you’d really rather an Advent Calendar made from Mittens

This is not new, but really, I think that Vicki of Knitorious needs to make this for her darling grandson!

Lastly, I found a recipe for a yummy looking cocktail that I think would work with White Zinfandel as well!  Frosé

That is all I have for today, have a great Friday and an even better weekend – whatever your weather! See you back here on Monday!

P.S. Want to join the Summer Knit-Along? Everything you need to know is right here.

Fiber Friday, Linked Edition

Fiber Friday, Linked Edition

One thing to take into account when trying to match a commercial yarn is the density of the yarn. I think that the Briar Rose yarn may be a worsted preparation. In fact I am certain it is. So, my Shetland in a woolen preparation is a much lighter, fluffier thing!

Before finishing the yarn

Before finishing the yarn

And, while I have matched the diameter, the twist angle, and the WPI of the Briar Rose yarn. My yarn feels much different. Some of you even noted the difference from earlier this week! As I was swatching – the yarn seemed much too light – and it almost seemed like I had more stitches because there were these ripples in the white fabric that really concerned me. I really did not want to spin this Shetland in a worsted preparation and I was brainstorming in my head about a fix, and my first thought was to go down a needle size. Size 3 needles were found and I kept swatching until I had a good bit more of the fabric.


After finishing the yarn

Before soaking and laying it out to dry, I thought the smaller needle would be the answer, but after giving the swatch a nice bath and letting it dry overnight – I think the fabric on the same needle will be just perfect.


The washed swatch

The Rolag Production Train is again underway, I hope to have them done shortly (Monday at the absolute latest!) and then spinning can begin.

In case you are not a spinner, but you are Jonesing for a new project, Ravelry has had a plethora of new patterns that are really making me itch to cast on one or ten:

Carol Sunday might have the perfect accompaniment for a Dress #2

The perfect sweatshirt sweater with lovely details – thank you Ysolda

The TTL Friday Fix has been just excellent this month, with things to fill a gift basket and more things to come before the month is over!

If socks are your fancy, these are so cute!

And, I have been spending lots of time thinking about Spice Market, Torquata, and Miss Babs.

And the details on this little sweater really shine!

And, some great thoughts on wool can be found at Rachel of Wool n’ Spinning, after all today is Fiber Friday!

There you go, Gentle Readers, have a great day and an even better weekend. See you back here on Monday!!

Slowly spinning wool

Into yarn that yearns to be

The perfect sweater

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