Houston, We Have a Mitt!

Houston, We Have a Mitt!

Well, the gauge issues with the Squad Mitts has been solved!

One mitt down, one to go!

I am so happy with how they are turning out – and I am even happier they are 100% handspun yarn, most of which has been spun on a spindle!

And it is Friday!! Bring on the weekend, I am so ready for it! I am starting it off by having tea and some knitting with a friend.

I have nothing else for you except for some links:

Lots of gift knitting ideas here, it is not too late!

Have a fantastic Friday – see you back here tomorrow!!

Rx: More Wool

Rx: More Wool

This has been a very rough week here at Casa del KatKnits. Really, it feels like the longest week ever, but perhaps that is just the way it is in particularly rough weeks.

However, I am going to try to focus on other things – anything other than the doom and gloom that feels like it is smothering me – I think we could all use more wool. Lots of it! Wool, and more wool! And, maybe even more wool!

To begin with, I think that Squad Mitts, the handspun version will be cast on this weekend. I am not sure how I will use the collection of yarns above, but I might add in some of these little skeins from Koigu and Miss Babs.


I need some instant gratification knitting to instantly gratify my spirit!

And, there will be links – it is Friday after all!

How about Knitting for Peace? I am so in – who will join me? This could be instant gratification knitting project #2 and we have time to seek out some yarn.

There were these beauties this week on Ravelry:

And, since it is that season – how about some International (??) Gift knitting ideas:

And, finally – Charity Knitting. Yes, really – a percentage of the proceeds are being donated to Women of Tomorrow. You can donate the hat to a charity of your choice and increase your giving!! We all need something to feel good about this week, don’t we?

That is all I have for today, but it’s November and I will be back tomorrow! I hope your Friday is just what you need to end this week! Hug each other – the world could use more hugs right now.

Hello, Friday!

Hello, Friday!

The week is ending on a very good note (especially since it began on Thursday night!)

While I have not seen any butterflies at all in the last week or so (like the beauty above from last year’s visit to Ohio Pyle) I have seen some curious (and brave!) bees in the flower beds in the past couple of days! It seems they sleep on flowers! There is your fun fact for the day!

Mr. or Ms. Bee was still there in the morning when I had Sherman out. I was happy to see they made it safely through the night! I guess I won’t be tearing out these flowers anytime soon – I did not know I was running a Bee Hostel! LOL
Insects aside, my list is looking very good with only the Tomatillo Salsa left to finish, which will be done shortly!

Hopefully today I will find some time to get the body done on my Sigla! I only have about three inches to go and I can begin the sleeves!

Now how about a few (sadly very few this week) Friday Links:

Kelbourne Woolens is doing a very interesting series on swatching.

That is all I have for today. Have a fantastic weekend and see you back here on Monday!

P.S. Are any of you thinking of participating in NaBloPoMo? It is curious that I have heard (nor read) nothing about it at all. But, I am in… are you?

Sweaters on the Brain

Sweaters on the Brain

I began to have a bit of a panic attack regarding Rock the Lobster, I could have sworn I had more yarn. I was certain I had 3 skeins, yet where was #3??

I knew I had leftover yarn from my Stopover that I could use in Sigla, but where was it and is there enough?

Cue the yarn search music please…


This searching made it clear that some Stash Management is in order which I have added to my list of things to do and I am happy to report all “missing” yarns were found!

I finished swatching for the Parley Cardigan and those swatches (yes, plural – I was not getting gauge) are done!

I also finished spinning up a very rare fiber – Whitefaced Woodland from Sheepspot. While I liked the fiber incredibly, I am not so sure about the colorway, which I am surprised about – it is the first time I have been unhappy with the colors from Sasha. I tried my best to achieve maximum barber-pole effect because the colors were so similar in so many long stretches. I achieved the effect, but I am still not certain I am happy with the results. Perhaps I should have tried to spin it in a more gradient fashion, like some smart people have done. I ended up with about 140 yds of a DK weight 3-ply yarn, and about 70 yds of a 2-ply sport weight. And, I still have about 50 grams of the orange left to spin up.

On a more pleasant note, I finished up the Honey Cowl and I love it! I will try to get some better photos to share, but today the light for photos is non-existent – it is a blustery, rainy fall day.

Last year I knit Stopover in 5 short days, can I beat that record with her more modern cousin, Sigla…we shall see, but I am sure as heck going to try!

Let’s get to some Friday Links:

That is all I have for this week! I hope you have a fantastic weekend and I will see you back here on Monday!

Knitting Ennui

Knitting Ennui

I have it bad.

Dissatisfaction? Yep.

Discontent from a lack of interest? Bingo.

I have got ennui in spades.

I am going to attempt to reverse this trend with Thing One, pictured above.

Joy? Oh, yes!

Enthusiasm? Absolutely!

I am so excited about this Honey of a cowl that I want it done yesterday and really I have plans to wear this on Sunday!

The knitting clock is ticking!!

Now, on to the Friday Linkage!

Mary Jane Mucklestone is getting top billing today. Are you wondering why? This might just be Thing Two. Remember the frenzy that was the Bang Out a Sweater Phenomenon? Well, meet Sigla. I am looking at colors right now. Who’s in with me for Bang Out a Sweater, Part Deaux?

That is all I have for the week. I hope your weekend is FANTASTIC! Stay warm and I will see you back here on Monday!

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