Friday Thoughts (and LINKS)

Friday Thoughts (and LINKS)

I am a firm believer that the week following an incredibly short feeling weekend should go equally as quickly. Score one for this week, because it did just that!

AND!!! Next weekend is extra-long! Yes, really. Friday the 17th is an unofficial (official) General Strike Day! I did not even have to twist Steve’s arm to get him to participate AND Monday is President’s (you are proud of) Day.

So a HUGE thanks to February for having two short weeks!!

We got more than the 4 inches of snow that they forecast (So Steve had a Snow Day yesterday…) However, they are saying it is supposed to be in the 60’s on Sunday. Snow today, gone tomorrow. This has truly been the year of No Winter!

We have absolutely no plans for the weekend, and I am just fine with that! (Outside of the Huddle we are going to on Saturday morning, that is!!)

Now, let’s get to those links!

One last thing I wanted to share with you – Michelle is having a spring Just Five Things Workshop and registration is now open! I really enjoyed this last fall and would love for you to join me on this spring journey!

That is all I have for this week – have an awesome weekend and I will see you back here on Monday!

A Royale Friday

A Royale Friday

Oh, Friday – how the heck are you! And, why did it take you so long to get here!

Yeah, it was one of those weeks that seemed to go on forever.

On the knitting front – Cuff One of Sock One is done. Cuff Two of Sock Two might get started and finished on Sunday. I just love how these yarns are playing together. They are not the most vivid contrasting colors, but I am liking the way they are knitting up.

Way back in December, I was asked if I would review some Knitter’s Pride Needles – I said yes and this lovely set of needles arrived just before the end of the year. Knowing that Kirsten Kapur’s Sock MKAL would be starting in February, I waited to use the needles in this project to tell you all what I think. My go-to needles for sock knitting are Knitter’s Pride Karbonz – they are so fantastic, except when you are knitting with dark sock yarn, then even the brightest of light is not always enough to see the stitches clearly. So, when these 6″ Royales arrived I was happy to see they were very different. The US size range in the set is nice also; 0, 1, 1.5 (which I am using for the MKAL socks), 2, 2.5, and 3. The needle size is marked on each needle but the markings look like that of the Karbonz which has rubbed off with use. And while I am not certain I would ever use the size 0 needles, the other sizes will absolutely get good use. The Royales are not as stiff as the Karbonz so I am not sure how they will hold up in comparison, but if you found the Karbonz were too stiff and hurt your hands, these would be a very good option. The join of the metal tip to the wood is smooth and is completely unnoticeable, and the point on the Royale needle is identical to the Karbonz. This made me very happy and I have had no issues with the tips splitting my yarn at all in knitting. The wood of the needle is very smooth and the stitches slide easily along as I knit. There is no tugging and the wood is beautifully polished. I do not think these needles will snag your knitting at all. It is also great that they come in a nice storage pouch! If you are looking for a set of needles – I would highly recommend these.

Thank you to Stitch Craft Marketing for sending the needles and asking me to review them!

Now, how about some links?

  • First up this week, Romi begins a new year in her 7 Shawls series – 7 reSizable Shawls This time however, her concept is very interesting – you can get the pattern book and you can get the work book. Both are available at a reduced price until February 27. And the first project will be released during Stitches West later this month.
  • You knew this was coming… World War G{loves}
  • Bargello knitting, wow.
  • Loulou
  • Finally, a couple of freebies! Squircle and Ice Maiden

That is all I have for this week, have a slow and relaxing weekend and I will see you back here on Monday!!

MKAL’s, Good Listens, and February Stitches

MKAL’s, Good Listens, and February Stitches

Clue one just arrived and I have my yarn and needles ready! Cast on will be happening shortly!

In my ears is a book I have quickly become engrossed in – I am the Messenger by Markus Zusak. Excellent narration and a fascinating story. I have read one other book by Zusak, The Book Thief, which I loved. I am the Messenger is nothing like The Book Thief, but I am enjoying it tremendously!

Finally, today begins a new month in my stitch journal – and February brings wool, flannel, and a fresh set of stitches. I am excited to see how this unfolds.

Linking up with Ginny and her Yarn Along and wishing you a very happy February First!


Friday Truths

Friday Truths

They say the first thing to go is your mind… and apparently, mine is well on its way.

Truth #1:

Yesterday, I confessed to being 57. However, as Steve so kindly reminded me yesterday:

Okay but, really – how the hell do you forget your own age. Well, because I do not have any issues admitting when I make mistakes – it is true, I am only 56. And, I really feel so much younger today because of it! LOL

Truth #2:

After a week of temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s – winter has decided to return…albeit gently which is greatly appreciated.

Truth #3:

My chives are very confused as to what season it is! (as are all the singing birds!)

This was taken this morning…

Truth #4:

I am so insanely glad that it is Friday – it seems like this has been the longest week ever – the cocktail hour cannot get here fast enough! I am thinking Margarita’s today to toast President Peña Nieto – that is if I can convince Steve to make them!

Truth #5:

Next week clue numero uno of Kirsten Kapur’s Sock MKAL arrives (on Wednesday, in case you still want to join in!!) My yarn is ready and I am eager to begin. Yarn choice? Deep stash diving (see above!) I am not sure who the brown yarn is from, but the lovely golden-yellow is some very vintage Kim Kaslow aka The Woolen Rabbit sock yarn in the Tupelo Honey colorway. Now, are you wondering how I can remember that tidbit but not my age – I am giving you some real insight into what is important in my life – yarn is obviously taking up LOTS of brain space! Haha!

Truth #6:

The LINKS are back! The LINKS! The LINKS!

That is all I have for this week – have a truth-filled weekend and I will see you back here on Monday!

The Calm Factor

The Calm Factor

Is it just me, or does this week seem to be moving along at warp speed?

This week I need an extra measure of calm and I was certain that if I tried to work on Rock the Lobster, there would be some ripping back…

So, I cast on A Pussy Hat by another name… and completed it the same day.

Then I wound, by hand, a skein of Miss Babs Deep Sea Jellyfish Yowza that I had been saving for a “rainy day” – it took a good bit of time.

But finally, I cast on another Honey cowl – this time using Kay Gardiner’s recipe for an extra 40 stitches (so I cast on 260 stitches rather than 220).

I started knitting and discovered that I had twisted the cast on row, so I had this Moebius thing going on. Yep, you guessed it – RRRIIIPPPPPP!

I cast on again – this time more successfully. On the fourth time of knitting a Honey Cowl – it is like sitting down with an old friend – comfortable, calming, and soothing. Just what I need this week!

On the reading front I finished The Nix yesterday and I loved it! I know it is too early to be saying anything about favorite books read this year, but I will tell you this – it is on the top ten list for favorite books ever. Yes. It is that good. It is chock full of so many good things – so many! And, I love how Nathan Hill tied all those things together! I highly recommend this book – really. It is a must read, imo.

I am still reading The Secret History by Donna Tartt – I really love her writing; however, I am still undecided about her slate of characters in this novel because they are decidedly unlikable. Now, that does not mean I am saying I do not like the story – because I do like it very much. Are you confused? I hope not, because it is very good and I am hoping that one of the characters manages to redeem themselves before the end of the story.

That is all I have for this Wednesday, where as usual I am joining Ginny in her Yarn Along.

What are you knitting or reading this week to get through?

A tiny post script on the conundrum of smelly vs. not smelly paper whites (or narcissus). Apparently there are indeed a couple of varieties that have low-smell or no-smell. More information can be found here and here. In other words, avoid the Ziva variety.

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