In the glutton for punishment category

In the glutton for punishment category

I finished Steve’s Rob Roy on Wednesday and I am winding yarn today to cast on a second Rob Roy. I know…I am wondering what on earth is wrong with me also. However, it is a nice fitting hat and that is my story and I am sticking to it. Also, I kind of figured out a way to knit this blasted thing without following the chart with a gazillion different symbols. Maybe…

Gale has been distracting me with this hat and I confess that I have done some stash diving to see what I might have that would work. Swatching might have begun…

No progress has been made on sleeve two, see above…

Also – can I just say I am so thankful it is Friday? It has been a week of highs and lows and highs and lows – I am ready to get off the roller coaster that was this week. However, can next week be the LONGEST WEEK EVER?? (think the Jericho story from the Bible) I am wondering if I play Louis Armstrong really loud on the Sonos all week I might achieve success. Do you think that my Keen boots would work for marching boots in a pinch?

Meanwhile, back in reality – I am not going to the Woman’s March on Washington DC; however, I am going to the Sister March in Pittsburgh! If you are not going to Washington DC and you want to find a local march – you can find one here

But, really – are you ready for some links yet? I know I am!

That is all I have this week and I wish you a very happy Friday! See you back here on Monday!

Mission Accomplished!

Mission Accomplished!

Socks for the Large Footed One complete – although they were not done until Christmas night.

However, Sock Joy has overtaken and he is wearing them today before they even had a wee soak and a bit of blocking.

Happy Boxing Day, Gentle Readers!

P.S. Photo outtakes with Sherman bombing – I think he wants in on the Gift Sock extravaganza!

P.P.S. Sorry for the ill-lit photos – grey, rainy days are not the friend of this photographer!

A Year in Review

A Year in Review

Borrowing an idea from Vicki to wind down these last days of December, here is my Blog Year in Review!

January opened the door for a Year of Gratitude.

February 1st started the Bang out a Stopover phenomenon – 35 hours later, a sweater was born.

March started with a fun 10 on Tuesday!

April was all springtime and flowers. Boy, does that look good this morning!

Started with a what am I doing right now post and the iced coffee is a pleasant reminder of warmer days!

June began with a mystery – Kirsten Kapur’s Mystery Knit Along that is!

July kicked off the Tour de Fleece and I had a plan. Bonus because some of this frenzied spinning is bringing peaceful knitting!

I think the best thing all year happened in August! We went to see Hillary when she came to Pittsburgh to campaign.

September started off with a bit of sweater surgery to make a no longer fitting sweater fit.

October started with the end of our vacation in Michigan, which provided a good number of photos for the remainder of the month!


November ushered my second successful participation in NaBloPoMo2016 and my 30 days of posting began with an almost completed Sigla!

Think Write Thursday’s was born in 2016 and the December first TWT post was a welcome letter to the month.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness. Oscar Wilde

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