The change in the weather has brought with it the urge to cast on all the things. And, really it is not that I do not have enough knitting going on, because I definitely do.

But, despite that fact… yesterday I cast on my first Hitchhiker. Oh, and Bonny was right – that Smooshy will be divine.

I need to lock myself away with my stack of audio books and ignore the world and knit.

I am a little more than halfway through I am No One – up next in the queue is a bit of George Orwell.

As for the reading but not listening – it seems a bit of the same issue as the knitting. Tana French Book One started – and the library just let me know that Fredrik Backman’s latest book, And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer, is available. I have so much reading to get through!

Yep, ignoring the world is definitely in order!

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On my needles and in my ears

On my needles and in my ears

It is a dark and rainy day here in the Pittsburgh area – perfect for a bit of knitting, listening, and getting some laundry done.

I completed clue #2 of Kirsten Kapur’s Mystery socks just under the wire last night. Clue #3 has been printed out and I will see what I can get done this morning – we are up to the heel flaps, so perhaps both can be finished today! (Which is a very good thing because I have two sweaters I want to get done!!)

In the Finished Object Category – I managed to get my Very Valentine Honey Cowl done last week, it got a nice Soak™ wash and it was all ready to wear on Sunday. Can I just say that I love the extra stitches I cast on – it loops nicely around my neck and even drapes quite a bit! All the details are here, if you are following along.

In the Reading/Listening Category – in my ears is I am No One by Patrick Flanery. Curious, very curious. I love the narrator and the story is interesting. I am only up to chapter 9, so the story is yet unfolding.

On the iPad – I have not yet started Tana French’s novel – I know, what is wrong with me!? I am almost done with Menace in Malmö. Bedtime reading has its ups and downs – as in how tired I am when I go to bed as to how many pages/paragraphs I get through!

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Happy Wednesday everyone!


Valentine’s Knitting

Valentine’s Knitting

There are several projects I should be knitting, but the cheerfulness of Deep Sea Jelly Fish is hard to ignore. Plus, it will be the perfect Valentine’s Day Cowl – so I have been ignoring things to get this done. I will bind off momentarily, and then it is back to those projects.

Clue #2 came out yesterday for the TTL MKAL – I have not started yet, but I have printed out the clue out…

I am almost done with I am the Messenger and I am still enjoying this book tremendously.

I was excited to get email overnight from the library for In the Woods by Tana French. I have added it to my Kindle and will hopefully start this later today. This will be the first book I have ready by Tana and I am excited to get into it.

What are you reading and knitting?

As always linking up with Ginny’s Yarn Along! Happy Wednesday everyone!

MKAL’s, Good Listens, and February Stitches

MKAL’s, Good Listens, and February Stitches

Clue one just arrived and I have my yarn and needles ready! Cast on will be happening shortly!

In my ears is a book I have quickly become engrossed in – I am the Messenger by Markus Zusak. Excellent narration and a fascinating story. I have read one other book by Zusak, The Book Thief, which I loved. I am the Messenger is nothing like The Book Thief, but I am enjoying it tremendously!

Finally, today begins a new month in my stitch journal – and February brings wool, flannel, and a fresh set of stitches. I am excited to see how this unfolds.

Linking up with Ginny and her Yarn Along and wishing you a very happy February First!


Escapism Knitting and Reading

Escapism Knitting and Reading

“Escapism is survival to me. – Johnny Depp

Yes. Yes, it is. And, in these trying days – it is one thing that is helping keep my sanity (even if it is just hanging on by a thread)

Knitting on Rock the Lobster has resumed – I am into sleeve two decreases and it is moving along nicely. Escapism knitting FTW!

In the mindless – meditative knitting category – Deep Sea Jelly Fish Cowl is moving slightly less quickly. Meditation these days is a challenge – it is strangely easier to forget if I am focused on the pattern and counting. But those colors…

Reading is the best form of escapism that I know and I am about half way through The Secret History and while I am not certain this is the best escape – it is so well written and I really am loving this book. I have a list of things on hold at the library and I am in the ‘what if they all are available at the same time’ phase. Yeah, I hate when that happens!

That is all I have today – I am off to my little escapist world. Have a good Wednesday everyone!

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