Reading and Knitting for Peace

Reading and Knitting for Peace

I am making progress on the Christmas Request knitting. I have one more sock to finish, and perhaps another pair of slippers – depending on how the sock moves along!

I am also knitting my four repeats daily for Project Peace – and I am really enjoying it. From daily Peace posts to the knitting meditation – there is a noticeable change in the atmosphere at Casa del KatKnits!

I got a nice surprise this week from the Sheepspot Breed Club – Southdown! I have never spun (or knit, for that matter!) with this fiber and I am eager to give it a try! The colors this month were also interesting. Is it yellow? Or green? As you can see, others had the same question! Jillian has a great article in the new Knitty on color blending that I am going to try with the multi-color braid. And, yes – this fiber seems to be saying “card me”!!

My reading has stagnated a bit I am sad to say! I have yet to finish Burial Rites, which hardly seems possible with the insomnia I have had this week! However, I have about 75 pages to go and I hope to have this finished today!

The library just emailed me that a book I had on hold was available, so I have that to look forward to as well but, I am not certain this will help my insomnia!

However, this was the best find all week. Thank you, NPR, for this incredible list! So many books I have not read, but I was happy to see several I had read on this list! But, my “to read” list has grown exponentially! Perhaps, 2017 will be the Year of Good Books (and little else)!

I am also contemplating what knits I need to finish – and there is a list of them – as well as what knits I want to start in 2017. Mapping out the New Year is always a good plan!

What do you want to knit or read in the New Year?

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November Knitting

November Knitting

November has just flown by at warp speed. If it were possible, I’d ask Scotty to beam me back! Perhaps he has and I don’t know it – yesterday it was well into the 60’s here with the same today. This weather does not seem at all Novemberish!

But, December is knocking at the door and despite my gift knitting through the year, I always have a few last-minute things that seem like a good idea to try to cast on to get finished for Christmas gifting.

I finished slippers for Steve’s mom – I knit them with Lamb’s Pride Worsted and at a tighter gauge than the pattern calls for. I really love the fabric I got and I think these will be a sturdy, long-wearing slipper! All that is left to do is seam up the slipper backs and wash them. I have a few more skeins of the Lamb’s Pride and I think I will make a couple more pairs to send out with holiday packages.

I am anticipating some Project Peace knitting starting tomorrow – one very good thing about the arrival of December! I am all ready to cast on tomorrow! I will be using the knitting time to do some meditation for the season.

My reading slowed down over the holiday weekend, but I finished The Underground Railroad today. The narration is incredibly wonderful on this audiobook and the story is so compelling and powerful and it will be a story that will stay with me a long time. I am struck by how things have not changed in some aspects and that is incredibly sad. I give this book 5 stars and if you have not read it, I highly recommend it.

I have about 100 pages left of Burial Rites – and I am glad I stayed with this book – Agnes has tucked herself into my heart and I am holding out hope that things take a good turn for her.

Up next in my reading, Michael Chabon’s The Mysteries of Pittsburgh. This was an Overdrive “recommendation” – which I look forward to each week!

I better get back to my holiday knitting, are you doing any gift knitting this year?

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Super-Secret Knitting

Super-Secret Knitting

The phase of Frantic Knitting has arrived – I have some holiday knitting to complete and yesterday Steve added one more item to my list!

So, that means this post is short on photos of things in process.

However, I can share my handspun Squad Mitts – they are for my sister who is not online at all, ever. (Weird, I know!) So, she will not see these here!

I simply love how they turned out and I have some left overs so there will be more pairs in the coming days!

My reading (listening) has been consumed by The Underground Railroad – I am almost done and I simply love this book! The reader is fantastic and the story is so compelling. I think this might be one of the best novels I have read this year and I highly recommend it!

Sadly, today there won’t be much knitting – but lots of cooking instead! Sweet potatoes are currently roasting in the oven and after they are done it is pumpkin pie time! All to get ready for tomorrows feast!

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A Jumble of Knitting and Reading

A Jumble of Knitting and Reading

This week’s knitting and reading are both a jumble of things right now.

My knitting bag has some sleeve knitting, some fingerless mitt knitting, and getting ready to do some swatching (which is not for the fingerless mitts, but sometimes just exactly what you need to do!)


On the reading front – I am reading Hannah Kent’s Burial Rites – I am having some difficulty getting into this book, but I think that is mainly because I am reading at night when I get in bed and I barely get a page done and it is lights out for me!

In my ears is The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead – I just started this yesterday and I am already captivated! It is so powerfully good!

I am also listening to a chapter or so a day of the Moby Dick Big Read Listen Along. So far – 3 chapters, only 132 chapters to go! This is a surprising treat – each chapter is read by a different reader! I should get some additional listening later today as I am winding yarn into balls – the perfect meditative task to listen by!

There you have my varied knitting and reading/listening. What about you? What are you reading or knitting this week?

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Blue Knitting A La Gilmore Girls

Blue Knitting A La Gilmore Girls

The sleeves march on, and sadly not as quickly as the Sigla sleeves (which is finished and getting a nice soak this morning for her unveiling later this week!)

I just have miles and miles of blue to go.


The color work is done now just miles and miles of blue knitting.

Good thing I am taking the Gilmore Girls along for the ride. I am thoroughly enjoying them, and only moderately kicking myself for not watching them sooner because, really – they are making this blue knitting so pleasant!

And, for those of you who got the Dave Brubeck nod in the title – yes, Blue Rondo A La Turk is my ear worm today.

Sadly, there has been little reading here this week. I am still not finished with Karin Fossum’s He Who Fears the Wolf, however, I am almost done listening to The Girl on the Train – I have less than an hour to go.

Stay tuned for a nice book review post coming soon with lots of good things in it.

As always, I am joining Ginny’s Yarn Along where there is lots of great knitting and fantastic reads!

What are you knitting this week?



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