In this week’s 10 on Tuesday prompt, Carole sets for us this urgent task:

List 10 of Your Favorite Things Right Now

Well, this very minute here are a few of my favorite things!

  • My Bialetti Moka pot – every day this is my favorite thing, but looking back on how much money I have saved by not buying coffee because of this little pot, it deserves first place my list. Yes, it is better than Starbucks, by a LONG shot!
  • Weaving – I really have my weaving groove on and I hope this continues for a good long while!
  • My daily journal routine – I know I have said this before, but it really helps me focus my day and increase my productivity and creativity!
  • Which sort of goes hand in hand with yoga – if I miss I day, I really can tell. I really love the quiet intensity that it brings to my life.
  • Konmari, oh how I love thee! The process is slow, but steady. Thoughtful Reduction of Stuff is happening and last week, some items found a new home and were happily sent on their way!
  • Garden planning – revisiting what worked well and what did not work well.
  • The discovery of London Fog Tea Latte via Pinterest, me and my afternoon think they are pretty darn amazing!
  • Singing in my church choir, especially with Easter coming – best music of the year, just sayin’!
  • Our Sonos speakers. Best. Thing. Ever.
  • And, finally – Sherman, although he is my favorite all the time, but most especially right now! From how happy he is to see me when he wakes up (which is hilarious because he sleeps in the same room!), to him moving his bed to be directly next to me when I am working. He is my comic relief – daily.

There you have it, Gentle Reader, a few of my favorite things.

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