After yesterday’s post, this week’s 10 on Tuesday from Carole might be just what Santa ordered – 10 Gifts You Can Pick Up at the Grocery Store.

This could come in very handy in the 10 remaining days before Christmas!

  • Wine! Although you cannot get this at a grocery store in PA, you could stop at the Wine and Spirits store and get a nice bottle of wine (as well as something with a bit more kick for yourself, if need be)
  • Beer, which you can get at some grocery stores in PA! Luckily there are dozens of holiday beers to enrich every palate.
  • Cheese, cured meats, and crackers. Bonus in that most stores have holiday themed cheese trays available this time of year.
  • Holiday Coffee’s for the coffee lover on your list! You could even add in a nice mug or two!
  • No coffee lover’s on your list? No problem – you can get Holiday Tea’s as well.
  • Christmas Cookies! You can even get a holiday container to put them in and none will be the wiser that you did not bake them yourself, and I won’t ever tell.
  • Nuts. This would go especially well with gifts one, two, and three!
  • Fresh fruit baskets are thankfully at every market this time of year.
  • Is there a baker or a want-to-be baker on your list? Take your favorite recipe and get all the ingredients to make it – you might even be able to pick up a festive bag to put them all in as well!
  • If none of these ideas work, you can always get a gift card to all sorts of places!

There you go, Gentle Reader, if you’re feeling the pressure of failing – FEAR NOT and just go shopping!

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