I have it bad.

Dissatisfaction? Yep.

Discontent from a lack of interest? Bingo.

I have got ennui in spades.

I am going to attempt to reverse this trend with Thing One, pictured above.

Joy? Oh, yes!

Enthusiasm? Absolutely!

I am so excited about this Honey of a cowl that I want it done yesterday and really I have plans to wear this on Sunday!

The knitting clock is ticking!!

Now, on to the Friday Linkage!

Mary Jane Mucklestone is getting top billing today. Are you wondering why? This might just be Thing Two. Remember the frenzy that was the Bang Out a Sweater Phenomenon? Well, meet Sigla. I am looking at colors right now. Who’s in with me for Bang Out a Sweater, Part Deaux?

That is all I have for the week. I hope your weekend is FANTASTIC! Stay warm and I will see you back here on Monday!

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