It seems that Tuesday’s have become the Black Hole for blogging.

So, I will share the jumbled thoughts in my brain on this grey Tuesday…read at your own risk!

Have you seen the reading list for resistance? I have added several these to my reading list! If nothing else, 2017 will be the year of reading well!

I continue to be amazed by the stark differences in Kelbourne Woolens swatch project. Links to all experiments are here.

Last week, I finished reading James Rebanks second novel – The shepherd’s view: modern photographs from an ancient landscape. I loved it cover to cover. The photos are spectacular and the interweaving of stories with the photos make me want to live in his neighborhood. I gave it 5 stars – and I strongly encourage you to read it!

I began decorating for Christmas this past weekend, and since we moved the furniture around in the living room – I can put out things I had not had out since before my move. It was a lovely exercise in nostalgia. Decorating continues this week with a goal of completion by Friday.

I have been contemplating resolutions for next year (yes, already!!) and I have been seriously looking at my daily schedule and working around what to change, what to eliminate, and what to add. Honore’ has inspired me greatly this year in her journal practices and I loved the simplicity of what I learned during my Just Five Things experience. Simple? Yes, but the impact of this simplicity was profound.

I am eagerly awaiting some Peace Knitting starting on Thursday. And, I also love this new cowl by my favorite stitcher. A fingering weight cowl sounds like the perfect accessory! It is on sale through December 3, if you are interested as well!

That is all I have for this Tuesday. How is your week unfolding?

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