Some weeks I am extra happy when Friday arrives and this is one of those weeks! However, it is the last Friday in July… Yeah, how is that even possible!

We did get our trip to Michigan ironed out this week, so there is that!

I am thankful for Senators McCain, Murkowski, and Collins this morning. Well done and bravo to doing the right thing! Now, perhaps some bi-partisanship work can begin. I have my fingers crossed. Perhaps we can flood their in-boxes with some words of thanks, maybe it will start a trend? I am hopeful for adult-like compromise beginning. The “my way or the highway” form of governing is not working for any of us.

Now, how about a couple of links this week?

  • Fellow Pittsburgher PAKnitwit has a new pattern out – Wynne. I really love this and have plans to make one with handspun!
  • These next items are not new, but showed up in my feed on Ravelry and I was surprised that I had not seen them before… Yoga Shawl and Kingston Tunic both will be great for cooler weather (not that I am trying to rush the arrival of cool weather!)
  • Need some quick gratification knitting? NoShow Socks might do the trick!
  • And, finally Merel (which is free in the 2 yr old size) and part of a collection of really cute kids sweaters!

That is all I have this week! Have a fantastic weekend and I will see you all back here on Monday!

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