Filling Up | May 2022

Filling Up | May 2022

This month was a month full of “ah-ha” moments. So many.

In fact, this month was so full, I even found a theme song… listen if you like and see what I discovered this month! The song starts at 1:40… (but if you listen to the bit of the talk before the song I found something magical there…do what you love, every day!)

Slow down, you’re doing fine. You can’t be everything you want to be before your time. — Billy Joel, Vienna

This month I contemplated what I am filling my time with. Do I over think? (Yes…) Do I under think? (Again, yes…) Do I think at all? (Oof… sometimes I don’t)

And then that quote… slow down, you’re doing fine.

I finally read Oliver Burkeman’s Four Thousand Weeks,  and while there were some very repetitive bits, there were some very good nuggets waiting for me there and, if I am blessed to live to 80, that leaves me with just 968 weeks to fill.

And with those numbers in mind I am going to feel less guilt about “not doing all the things” … I know, but in choosing to not do all the things, I will have time to do the important things… without guilt.

The other thing I struggle with is FOMO… no, not fear of missing out… my FOMO is my fear of messing up. That perfection issue I have… and one of those little nuggets Burkeman shared was some wisdom from Rilke:

…the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer. ― Rainer Maria Rilke

Live the questions now. Gosh, what incredible advice…because I might not have the answer until tomorrow, or next week, or next month. Or, perhaps… never... and that is okay!

This kind of thinking has absolutely changed how I am thinking about my days… the lists I make (or don’t make and really… not making lists, my gosh it is freeing!)

And so what did I do with all the extra time I found this month… what did I do with the four weeks that May gave me? I slowed down… drastically.

I signed up for an art class… water colors… and I am loving the time I spend there every day. Why is it so good? Well because I am messing up… lots! What better way to overcome that fear than just messing up, right?

And there you have my very full May… full of so many ah-ha moments. And that is exactly what I want… to be full of the things that matter.

A huge thanks to Carolyn for providing a space for us all to share the discoveries we made this month!

See you all back here on Wednesday!

Friday thoughts | 5.27.22

Friday thoughts | 5.27.22

Bring poppies for a weary mind That saddens in a senseless din. — William Winter

One of the most fleeting of things… my poppies… and yet, perhaps I love them so much because they are so fleeting.

One thing I hope is not fleeting… our outrage at the gun violence of the last two weeks. May our fervor burn red like my poppies and light a fire under those who think doing nothing is our best choice.

I will be back on Monday with my May word update.

When Knitting Updates Are Never The Answer

When Knitting Updates Are Never The Answer

Hello, Gentle Readers.

I had a completely different post planned for today and then the world fell apart. I am sorry, but I feel publishing that post is rather tone deaf in light of what happened at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas yesterday.

Hug your loved ones… but more importantly… write a letter to your elected officials and tell them NO MORE.


Maybe if we all speak out, change will finally happen.


Sometimes Monday | 5.23.22

Sometimes Monday | 5.23.22

The best laid plans of bloggers… sigh. I had planned on giving you all a May Word update today. But Carolyn posted this weekend that word update would be next Monday.

Okay… that works, because it gives me a few more days to contemplate Four Thousand Weeks, which I will finish up this morning. I am enjoying it and I am adding bits to my Word Sheet for May. Last month, thanks to Kym’s encouragement, I signed up for Ali Edward’s One Little Word Year Long Workshop and I spent much of April catching myself up. I don’t plan on doing a separate Word Journal – a scrapbooker I am not – but I am loving the creative conversations that are inspiring new ways of thinking.

And speaking of Journals… someone brought this journaling opportunity to my attention yesterday. I immediately sent the link to my daughters… what a fun activity to inspire Genevieve, Winston, and Olivia as June begins. I am going to participate as well…and I am so excited!

As MacroMay is drawing to a close, I continue to learn how to use my pseudo-macro iPhone lens. This week’s wins:

An ant visits the primrose

I’ve got sunshine…

But here we are with another Monday, another week, another fresh page, another opportunity. And thinking about Monday in that way is exciting… don’t you think?

And it was with those thoughts in my head that I set about my weekly list which was not the same as last week’s … no carry overs… a true fresh page.

I leave you with my Beardy Attempts from yesterday… yes, I made two and I might make another one this morning, lol.

Happy Fresh Start Monday, everyone! See you all back here on Wednesday!


Friday Finds | 5.20.22

Friday Finds | 5.20.22

It’s been a week, hasn’t it? I have tried and tried to make sense of the senseless and I can find no simple answers… no complicated answers either. My heart is heavy for the citizens of Buffalo and for the Black/Brown/Indigenous American/LGBTQIA+/Non-Christian communities that are integral parts of the tapestry that is America. And so I this week, I picked up James Baldwin to settle into his world and listen for what wisdom he might share with me. And so I started The Fire Next Time….and of course, Baldwin has lots to share.

The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose.


We, the black and the white, deeply need each other here if we are really to become a nation…

Both of those statements are true, but how do we move away from the first and become the second. And as I said… still there are no simple answers and while there might be some more complicated ones… it will take all of us together to be the complicated, yet simple?, answer.

This week we (America) achieved another major milestone on our COVID journey… one million persons have died (actually, more than a million as of this writing) and if that does not shock you I don’t know what, if anything, might. I think that the WaPo posted an incredible look back to our COVID journey. (I don’t know if this link is behind a paywall…sorry) I spent some time there this week remembering the lives that were.

And because in the midst of our, at times, painful reality…some escapism is needed. This week I settled in with my third gnome clue and watched Operation Mincemeat on Netflix.! It was so good. The story (which is true) was just what I needed to move myself to another space for a bit. If you have not watched it, you absolutely should!

And finally, my above photo is the best of this week’s iPhone Pseudo-Macro attempts! Lambs Ear with rain drop remnants (with a side of again necessary weeding… it just never ends, lol)

I hope you have a good weekend and I will see you all back here on Monday with my word update!


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