Unraveled Wednesday | 10.17.18

Unraveled Wednesday | 10.17.18

There has been no unraveling at all (thank goodness!!) Which is doubly good since Julia Farwell-Clay posted this most timely Instagram post… YES, I am picking up the stitches correctly! However, I am MUCH slower than she is! I need to learn that yarn management thing she has going on!

While there has been no unraveling… sadly, there has been minimal knitting going on. Although, the sock saw some knit-time this week at Election Worker Training on Monday. Outside of that, I am still on the final seam of blanket number one and might be having some heart palpitations about the applied i-cord edging, but I think it will be a good thing to sit down and listen to my current listen, The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith. It took me a bit to get into this, but I think I have all l the people down which has helped tremendously! It’s a long book so it should be the perfect companion to all that i-cord edging!

There has been LOTS of cooking going on! I have been really jonesing for some autumnal meals – so I made chicken pot pie on Monday and stuffed butternut squash yesterday. But, the showstopper was David Liebovitz’s Dorrie Greenspan’s French Apple Cake! I made it yesterday and the smell in the house was amazing! My only substitution to swap out the dark rum for some whiskey. It is a super easy recipe and it tastes like a lot more work than it was!

I did have some finished reads to share this week… so it was not a total bust!

I finished The Immortalists with mixed feelings. However, my thoughts have lingered on several things in the book… but that will not change my rating of 3-stars. I did not like the ending at all. I am not sure what to say about it without giving anything about the plot away but suffice it to say this dysfunctional family beat mine, hands down!

I also finished The Thing About December… this was a tough read for me. So much pain and sadness (these books probably were not the best combination to read concurrently). But the writing is brilliant. This does not beat The Spinning Heart or From a Low and Quiet Sea for me, but I am glad I read it and I gave it 4-stars.

But, what about you? What are you making and reading this week? If you wrote a post to share, please leave your link below!

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Tuesdays are for Poetry | 10.16.18

Tuesdays are for Poetry | 10.16.18

I started reading The Overstory yesterday. It opens with a selection of poetry and this poem by Bill Niedjie struck me…deeply. I hope it moves you as well.

he watching you.
You look at tree,
he listen to you.
He got no finger,
he can’t speak.
But that leaf….
he pumping, growing,
growing in the night.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Weekending | 10.15.18

Weekending | 10.15.18

Happy Monday, Gentle Readers!

Fall arrived in the ‘Burgh over the weekend… crisp days, very cool evenings, and yes, someone caved and turned on the heat but it was not me! And, my advice of putting on long pants versus shorts fell on deaf ears…

It was a weekend full of decorating for fall, but especially Halloween! Steve and I have been debating Halloween – do we give out treats? Do we pass? We decided that for the sake of the couple of neighbors with young kids, we will. These are the difficult decisions in life, I am telling you! Ha

It was not a weekend with much knitting. However, I did get my wheel out! I gave it a good tune up and I did some spinning! Saturday, I finished up the last bit of a braid of fiber from David at Southern Cross Fibre and yesterday, I plied it. It just needs a bit of a soak and I will see how much yardage I got. I don’t have enough for a pair of socks, but I think there will be enough for a pair of mitts!

There was also no baking – even though we got some lovely apples this weekend. I am hoping that I can solve that problem tomorrow! Today I have training to be an election worker!

How was your weekend?

P.S. Amazon has Still Life for $2.99 today!

TGIF, with a small side of links

TGIF, with a small side of links

Ahhh, Friday!

Thinking About – As I am carefully assembling the blankets – I have been thinking about the two people I will send them to. One I know, one I do not but, as I have been joining each square I have been thinking about their struggle as they battle their illness. I have also been thinking about my inspiration for this – Annie has had some difficult days. She starts Round Three on Monday – so keep her in your thoughts!

Grateful For – Being back at home! While I love going away, and especially going to visit my kids – being gone makes me appreciate home much more. You know… your own bed, your own shower, and yes… I might even be looking forward to our “regularly scheduled happy hour” tonight!

Inspired by – Like Mary, I am also inspired by Robin’s Back to the Mat Challenge! I have fallen off the Pilates Wagon and this is just the thing I need to get me back on track after vacation!

Fun, fun, fun – This weekend the things on tap include visiting Janoski’s to get some apples to make an Apple Cake and getting out a few more Halloween decorations – although we are ready for Happy Hour, lol!

And, more fun – I saw an image on Instagram of Kirsten Kapur’s Bradford Road shawl and have not been able to get it out of my mind! Likewise, Making No. 6 / Black & White has some stunning knits, but Treelight… And, finally, if you don’t follow kammebornia – you should! Her Bits and Pieces Mitts caught my eye last week as well!

I am hoping that you have a wonderful weekend, and I will see you back here on Monday!

Three on Thursday | 10.11.18

Three on Thursday | 10.11.18

Is it just me or does it seem like this week is moving a warp speed? My list is not long but it does not seem like I am making any dents at all!

I have no cohesive things this week, like my list – random, rambling, and disjointed!

Thing One:

I think I “caught” Genevieve’s cough and brought it home with me and cold and cough is just the worst kind of fog, amirite?

Thing Two:

Steve tells me this morning he is having a hard time “getting back to work” which I find hilarious because we have been back since Monday night and he has yet to work a full day (and I think he is leaving early again today…)

Thing Three:

Yesterday, Steve derailed my plan for the day (perhaps to get me back knitting his sock?? Ha) He left work early and dragged me with him to do so car shopping. Successful car shopping, as we are now the owners of a brand new 2018 Nissan Murano! The things I do for love… Ha!

That is my ‘brain dump’ for the day! Want to see more lists? Head on over to Carole’s where you will find much better lists than mine!

Unraveled Wednesday | 10.10.18

Unraveled Wednesday | 10.10.18

Greetings Unravelers and Happy Wednesday!

Today is all about catching up with my knitting, which will be especially welcome after doing grocery shopping, laundry, and cooking yesterday! That is after a long walk and some Pilates – vacations are great for lots of things, but diets? Not so much! Haha!

Very little knitting has happened since last week – although the sock has grown the tiniest bit. One would think in an 8 hour+ car ride I would have MUCH more done. However, the lack of knitting has something to do with a huge traffic jam on the turn pike and a comment about how I could be knitting while someone was so miserable (as if I was not equally miserable in said traffic jam) but there you have it – no knitting on the sock!

However, today I am back to turning this stack of squares into a blanket and with some focused attention, I hope to have both blankets done by this time next week! Although, I have a “training” next Monday because I am going to be an Election Worker in November in my precinct – so maybe a Friday finish is a better guess!

My reading has been so slow, but I should be done listening to Reservoir 13 today. And, the night-time reading has me almost done with The Thing About December as I have less than a third of the book to go.

Hopefully, reading kicks into high gear because I have a bunch of things that just came off hold!

Inspire me, Unravelers… what are you making this week?! And, if you have a post to share, please leave your link below.

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