Tiny Moments | 8.21.18

Tiny Moments | 8.21.18

A series of tiny scissor snips and brilliance is revealed. I do like the texture, Vicki!

Sometimes, the process of creation is slow-going and experimental. I am thinking that a few appliqued stars will improve the plain back.

Then, some Cretan Stitch practice…

Make It Monday | 8.20.18

Make It Monday | 8.20.18

In the ongoing reorganization of all things crafty in my house, I found several languishing projects that needed to be prioritized for finishing. Sometimes the best way to hold myself accountable is to post it here, out in the open for all to see.

This gives me the perfect opportunity to update my “Make Nine in 2018” goals. I have replaced some items from my original plan.

  1. Alabama Chanin-style t-shirt – neck and arm binding and some seam stitching are all that stand between me and a new top! A question for all you experienced Alabama Chanin girls…
    should I cut out the insides of the stars or do I leave them as they are?
  2. Laura Aylor’s End of Summer MKAL from last year…seems appropriate to finish it, right?
  3. Strokkur… sleeves and yoke to go…This would be a lovely addition to my cooler weather wardrobe, so it is moving back into the rotation!
  4. Autumn Forest – I am not to the half way point yet, but this is a nice semi-mindless and portable knit!
  5. Two more Esme Tunics… one flannel and one with bell-sleeves!
  6. Another Uniform Top
  7. Tegna is underway and I am almost done with the lace portion!

Sadly, this is not the entire list of things I have languishing but, these are the things that I have prioritized for finishing! The others I am pondering…do they stay, or do they go!

I also realize this looks like I have made nothing from my first “make nine” collage… I have made oodles of Esme Tunics and Tops… and I love them so much, they are like my uniform! So, an updated with some knits switched out for the following reasons… I foolishly put 2 items on my list that required me to spin the yarn in order to then knit. I am so out of practice with spinning and I don’t think a sweater spin is the place to work out those kinks. Consistency and all that being important in sweater knitting… so they have moved off the list to be replaced by things that I want to finish.

Last week, Karen shared some great inspiration for completing things. I am taking a page from her and setting aside time each day to work on this list until it is complete.

What are you making today? Do you have a “must finish” list before the season changes?

Zipper Tales

Zipper Tales

On Wednesday, I headed off to JoAnn’s to find a separating zipper and a “Knit Picker”, the zipper I found but the knit picker? No luck there, but I did find these needles with a latching eye. I thought they would work better, especially since I could not get this zipper.

Yesterday, I began the Zipper Undertaking on my Rock the Lobster

Step One: Determine how many loops to “pick up” on my zipper and mark my “dots” on the zipper tape. How did I determine this? I used my row gauge, which was 8 rows to the inch. **Key tip if you cannot get the above zipper – use a wing needle on your sewing machine and contrasting thread to easier see where to pick up stitches! A wing needle makes a larger hole in the zipper tape making the insertion of the darning needle much easier. I stitched on paper first to count stitches per inch and adjust stitch length so my gauge would match.

Step Two: Pick up the loops and place them on a spare knitting needle.

Step Three: Pick up the same amount of stitches plus two on the sweater (why two extra stitches? The bottom of the zipper tape when lined up with the bottom edge of my sweater was had a space of 2 stitches between the bottom and the zipper teeth, I just did the I-cord edge to continue to the bottom of the sweater edge)  and place on another knitting needle in preparation for this applied I-cord method (on step 3, I inserted the needle through a stitch on the zipper and a stitch on the cardigan.)

Step Four: Repeat the above steps on second half of the zipper. Oh, and how did I make sure the zipper was even on both sides? When I started the second half, I began with the zipper closed with both halves together. Once I had a few stitches complete, I unzipped and continued with the I-cord join.

Step Five: Cover zipper tape and steeked edges with ribbon (which I have yet to do. But, the row of picked up stitches on the zipper will make the perfect edge for stitching one side of the ribbon on.

If you click on the images, you can scroll through the gallery:

Things I learned: I thought I could mark my stitches with a dressmaker pencil, but the point of the darning needle was not sharp enough to penetrate the zipper tape. The wing needle made a nice hole, but it was impossible to see on the black zipper tape, so contrasting stitching solved that problem.

The first half went slower than the second half, but I completed both sides yesterday. Now I just need to find the perfect ribbon for the inside! I highly recommend this method of zipper installation as it gives an absolutely gorgeous finish! And, again – thank you Vicki for making this recommendation!

Now, how about a couple of links?

This is a gorgeous transitional knit!

Thinking about fall? Aine

And, finally (and free!) Verity

That is all I have for the week! Happy Friday and I will see you all back here on Monday!

The Power of Words

The Power of Words

My triumvirate today is all about the power of the written word.

Thing One:

Last week The Boston Globe sent out the call and today, approximately 350 newspaper have answered by publishing editorials in support of a free press, decrying the Orange Ogre’s attacks against the media. You will find them here by state; their words are powerful and true.

Thing Two:

Maddow shared how important spelling is. I admit to laughing but I was not really surprised at all but the spelling is epic…so epic!

Thing Three:

This August seems to be completely fulfilling Derek Walcott’s spectacular poem: Dark August.

There you have my things for today. Want to see more things? Head on over to Carole’s!

Unraveled Wednesday | 8.15.18

Unraveled Wednesday | 8.15.18

Greetings, Unravelers!

I scratched the cast-on itch yesterday when I started Tegna. I am not quite out of the danger zone yet though! I don’t think I twisted my cast on, but I am not certain yet… And, honestly?? I might cry if I did, because you cast on 10 million stitches to start. Okay, maybe not 10 million, but if I twisted the cast on, it might as well be that many! Ha! This is the perfect fall color and I do not have one thing in my wardrobe in this color so hopefully this knit goes quickly!

Steeked, blocking, and awaiting zipper installation!

I also steeked my Rock the Lobster! Zipper installation and weaving in ends stand between me and a finished sweater. One of these things is definitely easier than the other, but my plan is to use this zipper installation method (Thanks, Vicki!) But really – I am quite ashamed of myself for letting this sweater languish for almost 2 years unfinished! This sweater will be a great addition to my fall and winter wardrobe and I have another reason to anticipate cooler weather – or at least cooler nights!

Now, on to some amazing reads this week!

In the finish column:

Kitchen Confidential was spectacular. I loved it for its grittiness. Bourdain speaks from his heart and holds nothing back. It is frank, honest, and yes… uncensored. 5-stars… I highly recommend!

The Alchemist…this is one of PBS 100 Great American Books. I loved this story and it has given me much to think about. 5-stars and if you have not read it, do… it is short, sweet, and profound!

Homegoing… I don’t remember who or what directed me to his magnificent novel, but I am so glad I read it! This multi-generational story is absolutely excellent. I love how Gyasi tied all the strings together in the last chapters. I was sad for it to end,which is always a good indicator of the excellence of a novel! 5-stars and I highly recommend!

Artful… sometimes an author you love misses in a work and this novel did that for me. I love Ali Smith’s works, but this one left me flat. It’s a compilation of several talks Ali Smith had done, and I have a feeling that the talks were much more fascinating in person because in print, they missed for me big time. 2-stars and I do not recommend.

Currently reading:

The House at the Edge of Night is on my iPad and I am about a quarter of the way through it. So far… so good. And, I should not have put it aside to read Artful.

In my ears is The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto… I am thoroughly enthralled with this lovely tale and I should be done with it today! And, with this finish I will have my first bingo on my second card!

What about you? What are you making and reading today? If you wrote a post, please leave your link below!

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Tiny Moment Tuesday | 8.14.18

Tiny Moment Tuesday | 8.14.18

It seems unreal to me that August is almost halfway over. The big bees seem to know though and this morning I woke to find the first overnight guest of the season. Yes, this large bee spent the night in the butterfly bush and, even though I am trying desperately to slow down time, waking to find this bee is certainly the best way to start the day.

I hope your day is full of lovely surprises, too!



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