Holiday Hangover

Holiday Hangover

Trying to get back into the rhythm of the week after a long weekend has not been easy this week. I am off my game, seriously behind, and today I am determined to get this train back on track.

It is a new day – a do over, as it were.

So, with list in hand – I am on a mission to get things done today.

Included on the list is to finish clue four on the TTL MKAL.

But, before I can do that there is a kitchen and a bathroom on my list.

Oh, and laundry.

Good thing I have something excellent in my ears today –  The Summer Before the War will make the work lighter so I can get to those last 10 rows! I finished up Dead Water and thus filled another square on my Book Bingo card! No bingo’s yet – and now comes the hard work of the card..

Book Bingo Card

Have a fantastic Wednesday. Joining Ginny in her Yarn Along.


Creatively Reading and Knitting

Creatively Reading and Knitting

Last week I shared that this book showed up in several places in my internet world last week, and the library had it available digitally, so I borrowed it. I started reading it over the weekend, and while I am not too far into the book, it is causing me to think about lots of things. Curious things. Creative things. So far, I like it.

I finished reading The Redbreast and The Paris Architect (both of which I loved). The Paris Architect was a book I was not sure I would like, so I am using this one for a square in my Book Bingo (The book that I think I will dislike) however, I loved it. Really loved it! I am marking The Redbreast into the classic mystery square. No bingo’s yet, but my squares are getting filled in!

Book Bingo Card

I am listening to Dead Water by Anne Cleeves, and The Summer Before the War by Helen Simonson is up next. This should get me through a few more Summer Knit Along Projects!

I am not through clue 4 of Kirsten Kapur’s mystery knit along and in order to keep the mystery going, I am not looking ahead at the new clue that is out today. Yeah, there was no way I could get that clue done in the weeks time. Plus!! I also hope to be done with the first of two Jen Lucas no longer mystery shawls, I have about 30 rows to go, however they are LONG rows! I am not sure that the long rows are better than short rows of a knit on border – it seems that the edging on Aestlight went much quicker, but maybe that was because I had quickly memorized the pattern. Alas, there is no memorizing anything beyond a row in the Jen Lucas shawl, nor the mystery shawl. So, I have my charts keyed into knitCompanion, which helps tremendously for these long rows!

It also helps that the weather outside is simply glorious today, pergola knitting is on the schedule today and the audio book will join me!

But, tell me – How is your reading and knitting coming along this summer?



The Knitting Continues

The Knitting Continues

Wednesday’s are for knitting and reading, okay, perhaps every day is for knitting and reading! But, today Ginny is leading us all with her Yarn Along!

So, on to the knitting: I am making great progress on my Summer Knit Along list, I have finished Aestlight, and I would have a photo for you, but it is currently getting a nice soak and then it will be ready for a wee bit of blocking. Not too much, I do not want the garter stitch sections to lose their lovely squishy feel. I will have photos to share soon!


I also have completed clue three of Through the Loops Mystery shawl, clue four is out today and I am ready to go!

Also, I have picked out another item from the WIP Basket to knit, this is another mystery shawl, this time from Jen Lucas. While the shawl is no longer a ‘mystery’ – I am working through Chart C. I am on repeat 2 of 6. Then I just have Chart D, which has 3 repeats. I am getting to the point of having lots of stitches on my needles, and they are growing with each repeat. It feels like the knitting is slow, but I am making progress. It is perfect for knitting and listening to a good book, like Still Life by Louise Penny. I am really happy with the recommendation that Carole gave on the Inspector Gamache books, I am enjoying book one tremendously and look forward to reading more from this series.

I am also still reading Jo Nesbo’s The Redbreast – I am about a quarter of the way though and, as previous books in this series, I am thoroughly enjoying the antics of Harry Hole.

I have a little bit of gardening to get done this morning, then you will find me under the pergola knitting and reading. Have a great Wednesday everyone!

P.S. On a spinning note, Sheepspot Fiber Club is open today for new registrations, just sayin’! You can read about my experience as a member here.




I am so happy to share that I can move some things from in-process to completion: The Goldfinch is finished, as is Written in My Own Heart’s Blood, and Indigo Cones is finished, except for the button selection.

I loved, loved, loved The Goldfinch and really wished it would not end, despite the length of the book. I truly was enamored of young Theo. He tugged at my heartstrings, made me laugh at some of his antics, and at times I wanted to wring his neck! The writing was really perfection, as well. Donna Tartt’s turn of a phrase was ingenious. I give this book a 5-star rating!

Twenty-five years ago I read and LOVED Outlander and quickly read the two subsequent novels in the series that Diana Gabaldon wrote. So, I really thought I’d like Written in My Own Heart’s Blood. I could not be more wrong. I did not like it at all. How curious that one’s taste can change so dramatically in that amount of time. I kept hoping that if I just read one more chapter, I would like it. Sadly, it did not and I only gave it 2 stars.

Book Bingo Card

That means I have 2 squares crossed off on my Book Bingo Card!

Up next in my reading queue is The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo and in my ears is Still Life (Book One of the Inspector Gamache series).

PicMonkey CollageI also have completed an item from my Summer Knit Along List – Indigo Cones that I started some 2 years ago is off the needles! I know – even better, I have the entire summer to wear it! Button selections to commence shortly. I made some modifications to the project, and you can see all the details of it here.

I completed Clue Two on Kirsten Kapur’s Mystery Shawl and I am ready to start knitting Clue Three (which is out this morning) I am also working on finishing up the edging on Aestlight – this will be done quickly, I hope, but at least they are short rows!

Hopefully your knitting is progressing well and that you have some things that you are finishing! But, what I really want to know is what are you reading next! Want to see what the other Yarn Along-ers are up to? Head over to Ginny’s and see! There is rain here today (thankfully) so I am going to make like BooksCatsYarn and queue up Chef’s Table in Netflix and knit clue #3.

P.S. I made some jam yesterday. OMG, the jam! Really. The.Best.Jam.EVER! Really. Thanks, Judy! And, the color – seriously! Deep, intense, dark red jam with flavor that is amazing. I used balsamic vinegar and fresh rosemary from my garden. I made half the recipe and the jam was thickened in about half the time. No pectin used at all and this is the thickest, most perfectly set jam I have ever made. But, really – I am telling you that you need to make this jam! ASAP!

Cooler with a side of knitting and reading

Cooler with a side of knitting and reading

The weather has taken a detour back to spring temperatures over the past 24 hours. The humidity has gone elsewhere (sorry if elsewhere is where you are) and the high temperature yesterday was on 73, and last night was perfect sleeping weather! This is so welcome, because I am not a fan of air conditioning and never really sleep well with it running non-stop. However, this weather is supposed to be with us for a few days, so on top of perfect sleeping conditions; I have some real motivation to get a summery sweater done!

I am making progress on Indigo Cones, with a number of modifications. It is strange that no one else has had these issues – or if they did they have not posted any notes about them. Just a heads up knitters – if you alter a pattern or if a pattern has issues, please post some notes about this!! It is helpful for the knitters that will come behind you!

indicones collageAnyways, the openings for the sleeves were HUGE (each opening is 15 inches from shoulder to body) – so my alteration for this was to seam up the openings (I am using mattress stitch and seaming 5 inches on each side) then I picked up sleeve stitches. One sleeve is done, the other to join its partner shortly! Then all that is left is to decipher the button band instructions – wish me luck! I hope to have this completed before the week is over!


Clue number two for Kirsten Kapur’s Mystery shawl is out today and I am eager to continue knitting that!

I also am happy to report that I almost finished with The Goldfinch! I have just under 200 pages to go and hopefully will have it done this week! I have some good things in the “on deck reading circle” so I have some good incentive to get it done!

How is your summer reading going?

I am off to try to finish this sleeve and the button band. If you are looking for knitting or reading inspiration, there is always something good to be found on Ginny’s Yarn Along!

Have a great Wednesday!

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