Musically speaking…

Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul. ~ Plato

It seems that part of Being Bodacious is having a “theme song.”

Apparently, I am less than bodacious than I thought since I find myself “theme song-less” and more than that, I am clueless as to what I should even pick for a theme song!

So the question becomes, does having a theme song (or the lack thereof) increase (or decrease, as it were) ones bodacious-ness or does it just not matter at all.

Truthfully, for me, life without music would be very empty existence.

However, does one need a theme song with which they identify?

I would like to think that I my life is not easily defined by one song.

Truthfully, my music choices change daily with my mood. From Beethoven to Mraz and everything in between – my tastes run the gamut.

However, StevoFC recently shared with me an incredibly talented new musician, Steve Moakler, and while it is not a theme song… it is great for Valentines Weekend.

Trained Monkeys

In my on-going search for employment, today entered a new phase. I applied a couple of weeks ago for a “relief rural carrier” (i.e. substitute mail carrier) with the United States Post Office.

Yes, that United States Post Office!

After filling out their extensive and exhausting application, progressed to an “online personality evaluation” – that would be a one hundred and eighty-question personality evaluation. A friend warned me to answer, “Ask your supervisor” for any questions in which I might have my own opinion about!

I must have answered correctly because a few days after that I received an email to inform me that my next step was to schedule my “postal exam” within the next ten days.


Saturday Indulgences…

Saturday Indulgences…

On any typical Saturday in my home, you will find a variety of activity going on from the mendacity of housework to the thrill of laundry.

As in all cases, being a Domestic Diva is a tough job…

However, occasionally some inspiration strikes and suddenly you find that your Saturday morning is not so typical.

This was one of those days.

Enter Ellie Krieger from Food Network and what follows is my utterly indulgent and highly caloric breakfast treat!

Here is my take on her “calorie conscious recipe,” however I improvised nicely with things I already had in the house.


Didn't you get my memo?

Didn't you get my memo?

Or maybe I should say, didn’t you read my memo?

Communication is highly under-rated, until Miss Communication showed up unexpectedly.

Can someone please show her the door… I really need to get dressed.

Nothing artificial, with no added sweetener.

A friend from a multitude of social networks who also is a blogger has put a challenge to all her Gal Pal’s to take up her Bodacious Challenge and broadcast it to all of you, my Gentle Readers.

Therefore, with little encouragement needed, I am joining the cause and will join her in an occasional boldly bodacious post, of which today is the first installment.

Unlike CitizenJaney however, I am not a big fan of women. I think it is sad to see women spending an inordinate amount of time wishing to be someone they are not, hoping they look different than they do, and never being really happy with who they are.

I mean really, girls, it is not becoming behavior in the least.

But I digress, Janey asked us to talk about that body part I love the most and as you know, Gentle Reader, I am far from shy.

Shocking, I know… but there it is.

I have shamelessly posted my autographed décolletage for the entire internet to see, thanks to Abby Franquemont! I even participated in Boobie-Thon to raise both breast cancer awareness and a few dollars for the cause!

Obviously, I like my breasts. However, the truth is that I like my entire body very much, including all of its parts. From the stretch marks that I earned carrying my children to my curvy backside complete with some “junk in the trunk,” as my daughter would say, I really like me.

While it is not the airbrushed perfection that you would see gracing the pages of magazines, it is very real.

Just how I like it…and bodaciously so.

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