Primarily speaking…

Yes, it is Primary Day here in Michigan.  Our much touted, moved to a new date because we think we are so important primary.

As a result of our moving the primary – we don’t have all the candidates on the ballot. 

There’s some brilliance huh?

I have not had any responses from any of the candidates – so I fear there is not a knitter in the bunch!  Although Hillary did say that she likes to clean out closets and drawers to relax.  Wow, there is some normalcy, huh? 

Hillary – have I got some relaxing time for you – head on over and you can have at it with my closets and drawers!  You will be so relaxed we will need to pour you in your chauffer driven vehicle!

Now really, gentle reader, what on earth should one think about someone who cleans drawers and closets for relaxation???

I think she needs a new hobby!  Or a very good shrink!

The candidates on the “other” slate are do not offer much improvement I fear. 

But, if you are still working on which candidate is “your man or gal” just head over to Michigan Radio’s Select A Candidate link and they have some questions that will help you decide.

Have a good day everyone – I am off to vote!

It's a black and white world…

It's a black and white world…

There is a saying here in Michigan – if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes and it will change.

This is what I woke up to this morning. 

Snow falling from the sky and a fresh blanket of whiteness covering everything.

A clean slate for a Monday – that is a nice way to start a week.

Now, if I had to head out today to drive in this stuff I might not be so excited about it.  I talked to a friend and she informed me that the roads are horrible.  All in all a very good day to stay indoors. 

Have a good day everyone!

If you seek a pleasant peninsula…

… you will have to look else where today.

Well, if you like rain, sleet, or snow – you have come to the right place.  We had a bit of all of them today.

It was a lazy Sunday – some knitting, some spinning. 

There was some puppy snuggle time too!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

The great debate…

Hello Everyone! 

I started a “live” knit along this morning.  A LYS in our area is having a “block a month” knit along for the Manos Four Season Afgan.  I joined in the hope that the group motivation will keep me inspired to knit the afgan, which I will have finished in December of this year!  One square a month seems entirely doable to me and not at all a daunting task. 

It was so much fun to see the color selections my fellow knitters selected.

I am doing this with Blogless Mary, Ann, and Ann’s friend Alice. 

And, this morning – the topic came up about knitting styles and speed…

Yes, the great debate.

Continental or English, which is faster.

I came down on the side that neither one is faster than the other – but I believed that The Harlot could beat, hands down, anyone knitting either style.  But, The Harlot aside – I think that all of us – whether we knit continental or english style – knit a relatively the same speed. 

So, I am opening this up for your comments – what do you think.  Is one style of knitting faster than the other?  And, if you think it is – what is your proof for your theory…

I am waiting to hear your thoughts!

The cure for what ails you

The cure for what ails you

When life tries to give you lemons – knitting with your own homespun yarn takes all the sourness out of the day.

Add to that a good dose of Grey’s Anatomy and ER and suddenly I’ve got the world on a string – merino string!

Have a good Friday everyone!

Some days it does not pay to get out of bed…

Hello Everyone!

Ever have one of those days where nothing seems to go in any direction that you think it should?  In fact, the direction it takes is not even one you imagined in the “it could be worse” thoughts – because it is worse than you imagined?

Well, that would be my day today. 

Yep.  Fan-dang-tabulous!

It started off fabulously – the dishwasher was leaking all over the kitchen floor.  Of course, I did not notice this until the floor was more wet than not….

Then, as I am rushing around to meet a friend for lunch – I had sent her a referral that just closed and she called saying she’d like to take me to lunch to talk about a few things…

A warning light should have gone off in my head… I think it may have, but I ignored it. 

Yeah, that was brilliant, huh?

Well anyway – to get back to the rushing around – and remember that water on the floor – yeah. 

Graceful, Thy name is not Kat. 

Add to the list of things to do – Stop at the drug store to get some Aleve….

I am just thankful that I cannot hear dogs and cats laughing – and that they don’t know how to take pictures with my camera – yet. 

Anyways – I get myself ready and head out to lunch and if any of you know Holland, then you know parking spots at the noon hour are a hot commodity.  So, in an effort to not be late, I headed downtown 30 minutes before our meeting time. 

25 minutes later I was parking a dozen or so blocks away from the restaurant and there was no way on earth that I could walk those dozen blocks in five minutes.  But, I am hurrying. 

No, I did not fall.  Thank heavens.

But, I arrived so out of breath, one would have thought I had just run a marathon.  Sweat is pouring off me and I am sure I no longer look like I spent any time getting ready for lunch.  I am just praying that my Secret does not fail me now!

The lunch started out quite nicely – you know, those inane comments that we call small talk… of course conversation eventually came around to what she wanted to talk about and she then hit me with her news – which is not bad news.  She is attending church.  The catch is, she wants to haul me to church with her.  Now, hear me out, gentle reader – don’t blast me for this.  I gently inform her as I listen to her excitement in her newly found faith, that I have a church home.  She presses on, maybe they are giving away prizes for the person who brings the most people on Sunday…. I don’t know.  But, she presses on – asks me where I go, and then informs me that that is not a real church.  Yes, you read that right – not a real church.  Now I want to say something not very nice at this point in time, but I bite my tongue.  She presses onward – boldly.  She asks me when I was saved.  I inwardly take a deep breath and ask for help – LOTS of help.  I share with her, honestly, that I cannot remember a time when I did not believe.  And, I try valiantly to change the conversation from focusing on me, to her sharing her excitement of her new-found faith.  It did not work.  This was the longest lunch I have ever had.  Lunch ended with her inviting me to join her Book Club – so, I did not loose this friend.  For which I am thankful.  But, I am not certain that I want to go to a meeting where she can lambast me about religion either.  FYI – my church that is not a real church – Lutheran. 

Then, as I headed to my next destination – which I should have never done in the mood I was in – but I needed to clear up some things that were hanging, unresolved.  The resolution was not fabulous.  I did some work for some friends and they do not want to pay me cash – they’d prefer to pay me in goods – goods at full price.  I am not sure how that would sit with any of you – but it does not sit well with me – at all. 

So, to avoid any more calamities – I am not heading out anywhere tonight.  No Knit Night.  I am pouring myself a large glass of wine, putting my jammies on, and not tempting fate any more.  I am not running the washing machine – in case that decides to leak too! 

But, it has started raining – does anyone know how to build an ark?????

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